#182 (end of the week date night)

It’s been a week since S and I hung out and the weekend was approaching. We planned for me to come down and hangout this past Friday through Saturday. She had made plans with some of her girlfriends yesterday so that freed up my Sunday. Yeah the Steelers were playing at 10AM and I should be home well before they kickoff. 

Last week her kids had spirit week at school with a dance on Saturday night. So like always are plans were not permanent.

I left work and arrived in S’s small town about 6:30. She was at one of the many wine tasting rooms and with a few of her teacher friends. When I arrived she was half lit after several glasses of wine. I had one with her gang of teachers. 

We decided to find a local restaurant and settled on an Italian style eatery. The place was called Nick’s. We ordered two appetizers, two entre, and topped it off with dessert and coffee. 

The food was surprisingly tasty and well presented. We ordered steamed mussels crostini in a tomato and fennel sauce, which was fantastic. The tomato fennel sauce base only had a hint of tomato which was perfectly blended with the mussels. It was a great start. 

The first entre was dungenous grab lasagna which was paired perfectly with the white wine. The lasagna noodle were made in house and was paper thin. The second entre was pacific cod cooked in parchment paper with steamed eggplant and squash. 

The visual presentation of the cod matched its flavor and it also blended well with the white wine. So far Nick’s was batting a thousand with all three dishes. The dishes weren’t large servings so we weren’t stuffed. 

We decided to order desert and coffee. We had a slice of their chocolate creame cake and it too was very tasty and a perfect end to our end of the week dinner date. 

#singleasianmale #menslife #dating #fridaynight #datenight #relationship


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