#183 (project list)

There’s a difference in the way S identifies and prioritizes her house projects than I would. For me, what I see daily needs to be cleaned and functional before other areas of my house takes priority. As an example, my bedroom and master suite needs to be tidy and clutter free. This is the same for my kitchen, my living / dining rooms, and my bathrooms. It must be my mom’s upbringing that instilled this behavior. 

For S, her priorities were not her main living areas. Her first priority was her garage. It’s no shock her kitchen, her bathrooms, her living and dining rooms were always cluttered. Her master bedroom is huge but you can’t tell as she has piles of clothes (not sure if they are clean or dirty), piles of shoes, and other piles of things she hasn’t touched since I was there last. I’m tempted to clean up her room, but I’m sure she’ll freak out as she’ll not know where things are…not that she knows where things are now. 

For this past Saturday, one of her projects were to have shelving up above her overflow fridge in her garage. Now last week we removed the overhead cabinets. She also planned to finish painting her upstairs office, and to weed her front flower bed, and somehow get time to see the new Magnificent 7 movie. 

I woke up early Saturday and got myself ready as S slept in. After she got raady, we ate breakfast out, and then ventured to the local home improvement store and bought the shelving. We had a hearty breakfast and we both felt sleepy after breakfast while we were shopping for her garage shelving project. I worked through the lethargic feeling and found my second wind. Apparently, S couldn’t recover and decided to nap when we got back to her house. 

I started on the shelving and realized we didn’t buy the braces to hold up the shelving. So back to the home improvement store I go alone. She apparently woke and discovered I wasn’t there as the text I received while at the store read: “where are you?”  

I texted her that I had to get the braces we didn’t buy in our previous trip to the home improvement store. She actually called and informed she was going to drop some items off at Goodwill and asked if I wanted to go. I told her, “you can go as I want to get the shelving project completed.” 

I already knew the list of projects for today would not get completed as she was doing things not on the list. “Oh well,” I thought, “it’s not my house , but I’m determined to get my list of things done.”

The other things on my list was to hang her stained glass window, which was an item from three or four weeks prior when her sister was visiting, and winter proofing the irrigation system. 

When I got back to her house, her car was in the drive, but I didn’t go looking for her. I continued and completed the shelving project. I was done about an hour later, which was around 1:30PM. 

Next on my list was hanging her stained glass window. I previously bought open hooks that screwed into the top window frame. It only took 5 minutes, if that, to complete that task. S was on the phone talking to somebody. Didn’t bother me any but another confirmation that her list would not get completed. My project #2 was done. On to my third project for the day. 

This past summer, I created a temporary irrigation system to water her raised vegetable garden as well as her front flower beds. The temporary irrigation system had battery powered valves that controlled when and how long water was to flow. It worked well and kept the two zones watered during the warm summer months. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t need year round irrigation system as the wet season starts late September and ends in June the following year. Thus a temporary irrigation system does the job nicely. 

I disconnected the brains of the watering system and removed the batteries from the water pumps. Project #3 done. It was now a few minutes after 2PM.

I reminded S it was 2pm and it was time to get ready for the movie. She disappeared upstairs to shower and change into non weekend work clothes. 

As for S’s projects, the upstairs painting wasn’t started, but she did begin the preparation of her deck for winter. Basically she removed the cushions from her patio furniture and stacked them. She didn’t cover them which means they would require cleaning in the spring as I’m sure the green moss will grow on them during the wet months ahead. I thought to myself, “Oh well, that’s another project in the spring!”

S was showered and dressed by 2:30. But she then started cooking for dinner as she was thinking that she needed to cook something for her kids. I thought to myself, “What?!”

Well of course we were late to the movie…

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