#185 (football and DIY)

The kids were back home and S and I were in bed by 1AM. She set her alarm for 6:30am to be ready for her girlfriend trip the next morning. My plans were to go back to my house and work on my own house projects. The one I need to finish is the overhead garage storage that is suspended from the ceiling. 

I debated on staying at S’s house as there were a house full of kids. I guess her kids were okay and accustomed to having their mother do things with her adult friends and leaving them to fend for themselves. They are teenagers so I guess that’s okay. I mean when I was a teenager I remember not wanting to do things with my parents.  

I debated on staying to be the adult in the house, but I’m not sure I’m mentally there yet. If I had stayed, I would have made the kids breakfast before I took off for my house. 

But I didn’t and left the same time as S did, which as about 7:30am. I was back home around 9am after stopping off to get breakfast and collecting my mail from my PO box. 

I decided to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game on TV. I typically don’t watch them as when I do they lose. My superstition is to not watch them but only to check out the score every now and then. However since I was wearing Pittsburgh Steelers black and gold, I ignored my rule and watched them. Luckily they didn’t lose. 

Prior to turning on the ballgame, I negotiated with myself that I would work on my suspended storage shelving after the game. Staying true to my promise I resumed my garage storage project and nearly completed lagging in the support beams that are to hold the suspended shelving. 

I called it quits by 7:30pm. I’ll need a few hours more to complete the installation…

#singleasianmale #menslife #dating #relationship #housework #diy #homeimprovement #pittsburghsteelers #americanfootball


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