#186 (dr visit for my car)

One of the things I purchased when I bought my car last year was an extended service maintenance policy that remains in effect from the day I purchased the car through June 2017 or when I reach 75k miles. I actually had to use this service this week and it has paid for itself (well almost). It would have cost me $700USD for the maintenance done on my car. So I think it was a great insurance policy. But here’s something I learned about higher end vehicles and the service departments associated with the dealership…

Last week, my car informed me that service was overdue. I’ve never owned a fancy car before and thought I could just walk into the service department and have my car worked on. There must have been “newbie” stamped acrossed my forehead as the service agent looked at me peculiarly. She says, “We can’t do that today, but we can schedule it…let me see when the next available day is…How about next Tuesday?” 

Huh, I guess this is the normal way of servicing higher end cars today. So I learned something new in that I couldn’t just go to the service department and drop off my car. I actually had to make an appointment. So basically I scheduled a doctor visit for my car. 

I said, “Fine.”

She says, “What time would you be dropping off your vehicle?”

I snickered a little, “How about 8AM?”

She replied, “Okay. I’ve got you scheduled for service next Tuesday at 8AM.”

Just like my doctor’s office, I received an email and a text on my phone a few minutes later that my car had been scheduled for service next Tuesday at 8am. I thought to myself, “Wow! What a crazy world!”

Then I wondered if they would charge me if I didn’t show. I didn’t ask but really wanted to…

#singleasianmale #menslife #bmw #carmaintenance 


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