#187 (week one of workouts done)

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and the checkup wasn’t good, well not all good. Blood sugars were trending in the right direction but high blood pressure wasn’t. It had worsened since my last visit. Also I’m a little heavier which I knew it would be due to my lack of exercise and my bad food choices and eating habits. But really, how much salad can one eat?

So getting back into a work out routine is very tough, for me anyway. But I’m proud to say I completed a full week of working out at least 25 minutes a day. Let me put a caveat on that. My work out is only five days in a week. 

I’ve also began limiting my food intake and on my way to eating six smaller meals throughout the day. For the last six months I’ve regressed to three bigger meals and I’m finishing them. So back to better eating habit, which isn’t bad since I don’t limit what I eat. I just limit the amount I eat in one seating. 

I don’t snack so that’s not a habit I have to break. I also don’t eat sweets like candy or soda pop. So again not something I’ve got to change. 

On to week two…

#singleasianmale #menslife #workingout #menshealth 


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