#188 (6.2 mile morning walk)

I went to S house last Friday night as we had planned because we haven’t really hung out during the week like we have done during the summer. I think she thinks or feels like something is wrong in our relationship as I’m not down there as often as I was earlier on. But I assured her all is fine and it’s just a busy time of the year. Also my work load at work is heavier than normal. 

I did get a reprieve as Jean’s work load was light again and we shifted some of the projects I had to her. I big load was lifted there and can breathe a little better. 

Back to the weekend with S…

When I arrived, it was only S and her youngest son. We decided to have pizza night, which apparently was what the whole small town they live in decided to do as well as our pizza arrived three hours later and it wasn’t even warm. We were all disappointed and disgusted with the warm pizza that we ordered another pizza from Dominos Pizza and I picked it up. 

Saturday morning, her twins were to be at school at 8am to take their PSATs. This a nationwide test for college prep that gives the student and parent a gauge on the areas they can work on to improve when taking the actual tests that count for college (SAT and ACT). 

S made the kids a hot hearty breakfast, which her daughter devoured but her twin brother didn’t want and opted for the not so healthy pop tarts variety. He’s so ungrateful and I’m glad he’s not my kid. 

We dropped them off at school just moments before testing was to start, which seems to be the norm for this family. There family mantra should be: “we’re not late, we’re just in time”. As for me, I have to be there several minutes ahead of when I’m supposed to arrive. 

We had about four hours before her twins finished testing. So we had several options. We opted on a power walk. Well I told her, “You can power walk, I’ll just walk a little faster than I normally do”. All my life, I’ve never walked fast so why should I start now at 51. 

I requested to have a walking path through her small town as I’ve only seen it from either being a driver or a passenger in a car. S planned our path which took us through the beautiful lawns of Lynfield College (the local college) and through the back streets of her small town USA. There were some areas a little sketchy but it was day light and not too many folks were out and about in this industrial section of town. 

We decided to have breakfast while we were on our walk. The first place we happened upon was still closed but we could see the staff preparing for their customers. They opened at 9am and it was 8:45. We decided to continue walking and go to another place that had a great breakfast menu. 

It took us another 30 minutes to reach it by foot and discovered it was closed due to a death in the family and wouldn’t be opened again until next Tuesday. No breakfast yet. 

We decided to go to the McMenamins in her small town’s downtown area. We have been to this place many times but never for breakfast. It was another 30 minutes or so to get there by foot. The charm of the McMenamins in Oregon is that most their buildings or properties are haunted, or that’s the claim anyway. This one houses a hotel and two restaurants. I’ve not felt any uneasy there but the wait staff have reported strange occurrences on certain floors of the hotel. 

On the way there, S took us through some alleys which reminded S of the time she spent in Nepal. I’ve not been in many foreign countries so I had no reference other than the TV crime shows where a crime was committed near a trash bin in the alley. As we walked through this valley of sketchiness, we happened upon a one-of-a-kind door. 

The door had a bicycle welded to a metal door. I had to stop and take a picture as it was a very cool artistic and creative approach of reusing something that would have probably ended up in some landfill. 

We reached McMenamins shortly thereafter and decided to eat upstairs where you can view the small town. As part of our exercise this morning, we decided to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. We reached the top and discovered the roof top restaurant was closed. So down we descended back to the street level restaurant. It’s good the hotel only had four floors. 

We ordered and ate our breakfast and headed back to S house. Our total walking distance was 6.8 miles, which included the brief stair climbing section in the hotel. 

We had 20 minutes before we had to collect her kids from school. It was a great morning walk with S…

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