#190 (is it Friday yet)

Monday are one of my longest days because my schedule is normally booked solid from 9am to well past 6pm. This particular Monday was even worse as I had a lunch meeting. In the past, if we had a lunch meeting, we were given a free lunch. However since we’re on budget cuts no more free food for us. Well at least not my group. 

Mondays are also status reporting days, work planning, and a myriad of other project related tasks that have to be done in between the back to back and sometimes overlapping meetings. 

Most Mondays are also filled with some rapid firefighting on top of the project work and on top of the full day of meetings. It’s a wonder that I’ve not thrown in the towel and found a lesser paying job. 

Oh wait!! I did find a lesser paying job – my current one! 

That’s another story for another time…

#singleasianmale #menslife #mondayblues


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