#191 (bad driver law)

My 29 year old son and I both have a passion of having laws that require adult drivers to retake both their written and driving tests every 7 years. 

There are so many idiot drivers I encounter between my house and work that I’m so frustrated by the time I reach home or by the time I get to the office. Although the idiots seem to surface in the evening commute more often than the morning drive. 

Prior to becoming a full time employee – we call it FTE – my commute was about 26 miles one way. Due to traffic that the time it took to travel the short 26 miles was 1.5 hours (on good days). The longest time was over 2.5 hours. 

I have this rule tat the bigger the city the more potential you have in running into idiots on the road. I would love to live in a smaller town. But there’s no money there. 

I since moved closer to my work. My commute is now less than 5 miles and it takes about 15 minutes. But you would think the number of dumb ass drivers would be much fewer since the number of commuters are fewer. I prefaced that by “you would think…”

My point is coming…

I was turning into my neighborhood on my street waiting for a car to pass as I was turning left and was supposed to yield onto oncoming traffic. The idiot driver behind me leaned into her horn at me as I was turning into the street that led to the alleyway to my home. I looked back and I am started flaring my arms in a gesture that one would translate as “What is your f###ing problem?!!” 

The driver who leaned into their horn returned the flailing hand and arm gestures but couldn’t make out the reasoning behind the blatant offensive horn. I decided I’m putting an end to this stupid driver. In my rear view mirror I watched her turn on one of the streets in my neighborhood so I quickly stopped and turned my car around to see if I could find this rude driver. 

The woman probably saw me coming a hid her car in the garage as I couldn’t find her rudeness. 

I hate dumb ass drivers…

That happened just last week. To this day, I still look to see if i can spot the stupid driver of that dark SUV. 

#singleasianmale #menslife #baddrivers #idiotdrivers


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