#192 (that’s gotta go!)

The month of my one year anniversary of being in my new home is here. I gave myself until the end of the month to be completely out of my storage unit. 

Of course, nothing bad would actually happen if I didn’t. It’s just a $200 a month I would be saving instead of giving it to a storage company. So I guess the incentive is $2400 a year back in my retirement / investment account. 

Should I bring everything home?

No! That would be crazy of me. But my mental clock is ticking and running out days to unload the items still in storage. Or that’s my initial thought. On the other hand, I guess I could. I have no one to tell me, “No you cannot bring that into my home!”  


So part of the goal is to also sell off things that I really don’t need or want anymore. Take for example my bow flex. I’ve probably used that machine a few weeks in the five years I’ve had it. Worse thing is I’ve moved it twice already. It’s traveled with me to a townhouse after my house that I owned with me ex was sold. Then it traveled from my townhouse to my current house I’m buying and sits upstairs collecting dust. I was crazy to have my movers move it upstairs and reassemble the damn thing. It’s got to go!

I also have two 10-speed bicycles. One is a schwinn and the other is a huffy, which I bought in a garage sale thinking I would fix up. Yeah right! Then I go and buy me a road bicycle a few months ago because I wanted more than ten speeds. Both my old bicycles got to go!!

I just lost my garage…

I’ll have to bring them home and temporarily store things in my garage and living space as I SELL them off on Craigslist. Oh crap! I’m a closet hoarder!!!!

#singleasianmale #menslife #storageunit #homeprojects


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