#193 (why does WP publish my posts)

This is more of a bitch session as I’m noticing more of my scheduled WP blogs actually posting when I save them. 

User error?

I use the WP app to blog. I first few weeks when started this blog I was typing via my laptop, but I have since streamlined the work in writing, taking pictures, and updating / uploading all my postings from my iPhone. 

At first I thought it was me, but it’s definitely something wrong with their app. Before I save my changes I have to go into options and ensure a future date was selected. Each time I save, I have to go into the scheduling area. It’s a hit and miss. Some times it works as it should and schedules my post, but sometimes it doesn’t. So frustrated that this occurs more and more lately. 


How hard is it to make this change. Unfortunately I don’t tolerate this too well as this is my world in that I’m in software development and we constantly have to test our product to ensure the user experience is favorable and functions as expected.

I’ve confirmed before saving a future date was selected. It’s clearly marked and I clearly have scheduled them (usually 7am on weekdays). I typically write my blog post several days in advance so I’m not scrambling the last second to get my story out. 

Message shows scheduled, but it posts instead 

Lately When I save the updates, WP posts my article as published. The pop up message shows scheduled with the confirmation thumbs up icon. Then I get the notification that my blog was posted. And sure enough, it’s in my posted section which I then have to move it to draft then to scheduled. Why can’t things just work the way they’re supposed to. 

Anyone else having this problem? Please share here. I’m  hoping the WP folks will change their code to not publish scheduled postings. Something about their app incorrectly post things that are set as scheduled. 

Ok my bitching session is over…

#singleasianmale #menslife #Wordpresspostingissue


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