#195 (lazy rainy day)

Can you believe I’ve never seen the original Star Wars movie. You know the one made in the late 70s. After working six days straight and most of the night on Friday last week, I decided just to veg and watch a movie before I worked on my garage project-you know the one that’s been ongoing for several weeks. It was still early morning so I started searching the list of movies available on my cable subscription. 

TV and cable are for lazy people…

I was perusing the list of free movies and found the Star Wars series. Since everyone has told me to watch Star Wars, I thought, “what the heck, why not?” After all it was still early in the morning on Sunday. And as you know, Sundays are my lazy days. 

I know there are lots of Star Wars fans, but I don’t get such the hype. Again I apologize if I offend those that think so highly of the first movie. I guess the technology back then was state of the art but can the lasers be more fake. 

Two hours later…

Of course I didn’t switch to watch anything else and wound up watching the entire movie. By the end, my opinion did not change. It was still a cheesy movie with the fake laser beams. I guess the story plot was okay with the fight between good and evil, but isn’t that most plots of popular movies. Take for example the Matrix series which story is about the fight between good and evil. 

After the movie, I continued with my lazy day and watched my favorite football team lose, and my second favorite football team end their game in a tie overtime play. 

Oh every day should be lazy Sundays…

#singleasianmale #menslife #lazysundays #bingewatchingmovies


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