#197 (supper club)

This past weekend was spent with S as we had previously planned for one of those supper club dinners where a local chef prepares a multiple course meal that he pairs with a local winemaker. The last time S and I did this was on our third or fourth date. 

The supper club was in a couple of towns over but not too far away. 

Dressed for my date…

Since I typically don’t get dressed up too often I decided to wear a dressier attire: gray trousers, gray and white polka dot long sleeve dress shirt, v line button up sweater, and Stacy Adams dress shoes. I opted to go tieless. 

S wore an outfit matching my color scheme in dark gray and black. She a little subconscious and critical about her body as most women are. I think she’s fine the way she is but of course the voice in her head speaks much louder to her than I could ever do.  

The dinner and wine pairings…

The appetizer was a caramelized pumpkin and pear soup with pumpkin seed brittle and sage. I thought the creamed pumpkin soup was fine but the caramel stuck to my teeth. The sage leaves were delicious and was lightly deep fried which helped to maintain the its crispness even though it was stirred into the soup. 

The wine paired with the soup was an Oregon wine bottled in 2014 by R Stuart under the label “White Sky”.  It was a good pairing 

The next course was a salad made of charred cauliflower, smoked salmon, and fried capers with Saba. Now I didn’t know what Saba was before this night but learned it was a sauce that could be used in many foods such as the salad I was now consuming. The fried capers and the charred cauliflower were delicious. However I wasn’t thrilled with the salmon as it was a pate and not the chunks as I would have expected. 

The wine paired with the salad was a 2015 Eiral Albariño from Spain. It was a good pairing with the salad. I would have prepared the salmon differently and not as a pate. 

The main entree was a Pinot braised lamb shoulder, ricotta gnocchi, and locally grown roots and hazelnuts. This was a delicious dish and wouldn’t change thing.

The wine paired with this was 2012 Remy Sangiovese from Washington State. This was a great pairing and wouldn’t substitute anything. 

The dessert was profiteroles and gelato. I thought there was no thought behind this dish as it looked like the mini buns from a local grocery store and the gelato wasn’t anything to write home and tell mother. In fact, I wouldn’t be screaming from Amy peak as I wasn’t impressed. 

This dessert was paired with a 2015 a Pinot Noir ‘Runaway Red’ made by Brooks. This was a horrible pairing as the Pinot Noir was not the right flavor. The rule for the dessert wine is that it should be a little sweeter than the sweetness of the dessert itself. The dessert was just okay. But worse, the pairing was not close. Not to my amateur taste buds. 

Too pricey for an okay meal…

It wasn’t the best as I had expected. It certainly wasn’t worth the $180.00 cost for the two of us. 

Not sure. I will attend the next supper club event…

#singleasianmale #supperclub #dating #goodfood 


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