#198 (not enough time)

All last week, I made myself leave work at a decent, normal time so that I could finish my home projects. I need to complete my garage storage project. Well that was the plan. But of course that didn’t happen. I left work late most every night and consequently did not work on my garage storage project. 

Two weeks prior, I completed the lagging in of the 2×4 boards that act as cleats from where the shelving units would be suspended. I still had three units to hang. 

Multiple projects syndrome 

As with my work life, my home life also consists of many project in varying stages. Other than the ongoing storage project, I also had a potluck luncheon on Friday. Wednesday and Thursday nights were used partly for preparing my contribution to the luncheon. I decided I would make the same item I made last year – my BBQ wings.  Those were simple to make and need to marinate for at least a day, then smoke them on the day of the luncheon. Easy peasy…

No time for my projects…

This past weekend, I spent it with S so did not work on my home projects. So maybe I’ll be able to complete or at least continue. 

On thing I promised myself is to not start on any other project until the garage storage is completed. 

#singleasianmale #diy #life #houseprojects #timemanagement #homeprojects


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