#199 (Halloween)

S and I have been dating a little more than 8 months and we haven’t been successful in having all three of her teenagers participate in something together. 

The typical Sunday afternoon…

Almost every other Sunday afternoon, and if I’m hanging out with S, we drive to her ex’s house to collect her twins. This past Sunday afternoon was typical. Pick up the kids, S gets into the drama with her younger son, and her daughter and I sit awkwardly until their verbal sparring ends. 

On the way to her house, we ran to the grocery store, picked up pumpkins from her school classroom which we would carve later, and picked up dinner to feed us, her oldest son, and her parents. 

It finally happened…

The plan for after dinner was to shuffle her daughter to her friend’s house and then back to her house to begin the pumpkin carving. 

Now typically, her kids are in their separate bedrooms after dinner that leaves S and I by ourselves which is usually watching TV. This past Sunday was different. 

It was unplanned, but her boys joined us at the dinner table for pumpkin carving. This hadn’t occurred before where her children hung out with us. They each picked out one of the five pumpkins and started to draw and carve out their pumpkins. They continued to work for some time. In fact her youngest son was still at it when his twin sister returned. Instead of going directly to her bedroom, as she normally does, she joined us and started carving her pumpkin. 

Unplanned but it finally happened organically. Only eight months later and her kids joined us for a Sunday evening, family style event, without the chaos and drama. 

There is hope…

#singleasianmale #lifewithkids #pumpkincarving #halloween


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