#201 (fall color drive)

Last Saturday, S and I took advantage of one of the rare occasions of a sunny but cool fall day in the Pacific Northwest. Typically is overcast and misting. 

Now we should have eaten the frog and worked on her home projects, but decided to play hooky and go for a drive and enjoy the fall colors. 

After eating breakfast, we meandered towards Heiser Farms, which was in Dayton, Oregon. The venue was primarily for families with younger children and not catered to the older generation like S and me. We stayed long enough to walk the grounds, buy some decorative gourds, and sip some bad beer, which we poured out after a few sips. 

We meandered more along several back country roads before we headed back to her house to work on her much needed house cleansing – going through piles of stuff in her bedroom and getting rid of the things she no longer needs or can wear. 

Like a lot of folks, S has a hard time of purging, especially clothes and old shoes. I on the other hand change out my attire every couple of seasons – out with the old is my motto. 

#singleasianmale #life #purging #fallcolors #countrydrive


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