#202 (flu time)

Typically (well in past years) I have usually escaped the flu without taking flu shots. But the last few years, I’ve caught a bug twice a year. Once in the fall and again in spring. I’m still convinced my colds begin with bronchitis that turns into some severe cold that knocks me down and keeps me out for several days. 

Maybe I should listen to Jackie, “You need to get a flu shot! It’s just a small needle…OMG quit being a baby!..” I have received this rhetoric every time I get a cold. So at least twice a year a get the “flu shot” lecture. She’s even started the “Sam is afraid of needles” rumor. Actually I’m not but it’s hard convincing Jackie otherwise. 

Truth be told, I get pricked and blood culture drawn up once a quarter for my type 2 diabetes. So I’m not scared of needles. I just don’t like inoculations that may or may not work. 

I think the drug industry in the US is a political game in that there are probably natural medicines that could cure some of our seasonal ailments but in a sick mindset the powers to be wants us to be just sick enough so that we can continue buying the medicine. 

I actually hate medicine that are chemically created. I’d prefer a natural remedy, but that’s just me. So lots of clear liquids, rest (which is not happening because I’m still working from home), and natural immune boosting foods (local honey, fresh fruits, and always chicken noodle soup). 

You probably guessed, I’m writing this because I’ve been out sick this past week – but still working from home – which means I’m not getting the rest my body needs to fight the cold. And yes I got the “flu shot” lecture again and “Sam is afraid of needles” rumor is ramped in the office. 

The good thing…I’m working on my sofa in my PJs…

#singleasianmale #flushot #naturalremedies #menshealth #workingfromhome


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