#203 (election day)

What a circus race we have for the presidency this term. I’m still baffled by who’s in this race and why people would back someone who clearly is a bully in every meaning of the word. I’m not naming names but those who follow the presidential election race know which candidate I’m referencing. I surely hope HE doesn’t win. 

One thing I’m glad about is the race would finally be over. However if this tyrant is elected, I would have to listen to his stupid clatter and rhetoric of the nonsensical way of managing this country I’ve called home since I was naturalized 38 years ago. 

I cannot support a bully for president…

Don’t get me wrong. I came from the south and was part of the young republican group and have been republican all of my adult life. However, I’m one that doesn’t vote straight party but rather vote for the candidate that would best suit our country’s needs. 

In fact, I’m questioning the party today as their not the same as they were before. They have moved far away from the values I support that I’m questioning “where’d my party go”. 

Nixon was impeached so perhaps if he does win and he continues to reverberate his silo and scandalous approach, then maybe there will be another impeachment. I hope HE doesn’t come close to winning. Some people should never run for office, especially for a position that requires the utmost respect and the ability to bring a nation together. Let alone to collaborate with other world leaders. 

We’ll see tonight who the victor is…I hope SHE wins!!

#singleasianmale #electionday #govote


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