#204 (election 2016)

I typically don’t stay awake glued watching TV, especially the presidential race. But this election was different in that I’m actually fearful of the state of our nation if Trump wins the Oval Office. 

World also in fear…

Apparently this election has also affected not just the plight of the US but also the world. As I watched the election results, I also watched Bloomberg who were reporting the trade markets across the world. 

At one point the Dow futures dropped over 800, the Japan market fell 400, and currencies dropped significantly such as the Mexico peso which was down more than 11%. 

A lesson to learn…

As the markets fell, the commodities like gold and silver soared. That’s probably the only good thing that resulted in the election results. 

There is also a political lesson to learn which is grassroots campaigning relating to the hard working folks has more weight than relating to only elite white collar workers. I think this would be a lesson in business as well and not just politics. 

Hmmm I wonder if I can use this strategy to build my home business. 

#singleasianmale #election2016 #newpresident #lordhelpus


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