#205 (finding my passion)

While I was sick last week, I worked from home. The note sent out to work team was I’m not well and staying home today and that they could reach me if they needed to. One would think the phrase “not well” meant I was sick and needed rest and was staying home to recuperate. 

It turned out I was working from home and didn’t rest any. Thus my illness probably lasted longer since I wasn’t getting the much needed rest.

This made me think…

I guess because I was called upon even when I’m home sick coughing up my lung (literally as I had an upper respiratory infection) that means I’m needed? I probably should feel good about that but I was more annoyed as I really wanted to just rest. 

Now I’ve been IT and managing IT projects for over 17 years. So it’s second nature to me and apparently I’m good at what I do (not bragging). But I don’t think I have the passion anymore. I mean I’ve seen it all even with the ever changing landscape of new software, new techniques, and yada yada yada. It’s generally all the same at this point – retrofit the new to the old or build something new. 

Now maybe if my job was to manage the build of something that was helpful to the general public, then perhaps I would still have more passion about my job. But our end product supports data for BI (business intelligence) reporting. We don’t even write the reports, we just provision the data – yep you’re right in thinking “how boring!”

Finding my passion…

My passion is definitely not provisioning data. But I do know I love to cook. I also like to build or work with my hands. And I have a passion for recycling, up cycling, and repurposing old items. I’ve flipped a house and enjoyed that and I’ve been in the antique trade since I was a teenager. I’ve also started and sold several businesses from printing to an accounting service. 

At least I know my time in IT is coming to an end as I’m not sure I will continue if I’m no longer passionate about what I do at work. 

Maybe I’ll give it one more year…

#singleasianmale #crossroads #mentalhealth #lifechanges


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