#207 (1st world problems)

A little more than a year ago, I purchased a toy for myself to celebrate my 50th birthday and to boost my morale a bit since my marriage was ending (amicably). The toy I purchased was a BMW335is with the M package. Basically a high performance car. I knew going in that maintenance was expensive so that’s why I purchased the extended warranty which covers most things operationally. However one of the things it doesn’t cover is tires and tire maintenance. 

So here’s a lesson learned…

The particular model I own have two sets of tires. The rear tires are wider than the front. This was something I didn’t consider when buying this car. What this means is the tires cannot be rotated. Also if one of the tires go bad, either through a road hazard or normal wear, I would have to purchase the tires in pairs as this car also has the TPMS (tire pressure maintenance service) which monitors the PSI in each tire. If one of the tires are off, the TPMS system continues to alert you. In retrospect I guess that’s a good thing. 

A option for cars like mine…

In talking with the sales representative at the tire store, we did think about ways to stretch out the use of my next set of tires. So although I cannot rotate my tires, I could flip them so the inside is on the outside. Something to think about for those out there with similar cars. So every 6000 miles I’ll have my new set of tires flipped. 

My second set of rear tires…

It’s been just over a year and I’ve had to replace both the front and rear tires. This past Friday, the second set of rear tires are now on my high performance Beamer. That’s another $700 just for the rear tires bringing the total of $2300 in tires in just over a year. 

I also have a Ford F-150 extended cab with tires that cost about the same as my Beamer. I buy a higher end 10ply so that they last longer. The last set of tires on my truck lasted almost 9 years. 

I know…first world problem 

#singleasianmale #firstworldproblems #bmw #bmw335is #highperformancecars


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