#208 (our first fight)

Like most arguments it starts out as one side assumes something from the other side. Or sometimes one party wants (forces) the other party to do something the receiving party doesn’t want to do or didn’t sign up for. 

The setting…

I absolutely hate running for an exercise and even the thought of it puts a scowl look on my face and my attitude. I know there are readers out there that love to run. My girlfriend also loves to run. Now what happens when you have someone who loves to run force someone who doesn’t? Well of course it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt (or in our case)…get their feelings hurt. 

This past Saturday morning we set out for an exercise of walking/running 3 miles. I was up for it…but on my own terms. S was up for it and thought differently about the terms and assumed I would be more enthusiastic. But as I stated at the beginning of this post…l hate the sport of running…which S knew before this Saturday. I don’t get a high from it…I don’t get a sense of accomplishment. I just don’t enjoy it, which is okay, right?

Forcing the stubborn…

My iPhone was playing an album geared for a running beat, earphones plugged into my iPhone, and the earphone wires routed up under my hoodie. I looked like I was ready for the 3 miles of my walking/running exercise. 

As we started our warmup walk, I had my ear buds in, my hoodie over my head, and my hands in my hoodie pockets to keep them warm (it was little chilly). For the first several hundred feet, our walk was pleasant and S was just fine. However afterwards S became serious about her exercise and proceeded to instruct me on how to walk and warm up my body. I’m like “eh”. For me it’s not a big thing on how I warm up for a walk/run because eventually my body would warm up. For any other sport I would do some stretching and some quick body warm up activities. But for a walk/run I don’t. 

However for her, my warm up had to be done in a specific way where my hands were out of my pockets and swinging. 

Well of course I was stubborn and kept my hands in my pocket, which in turn she physical pulled one of my hands out of my hoodie. I thought to myself “wow, how controlling and how narrow minded that I’ve got to do it her way!” Of course I didn’t utter my thoughts. 

After she resumed her fast walking actions, I replaced my exposed hand back into my warm hoodie pocket, which infuriated her. I mean literally steaming. I swear I could physically see the heat rising from her as she became angrier and angrier. 

Separate ways…

Since I didn’t know the route, she provided the name of the streets and the path of how to get back to her house. I continued my walking pace with her for some time in silence. I knew she was upset, but didn’t know the level. I knew she had to cool off so I kept quiet so as to not continue putting fuel to her internal fire. I even kept pace when she started running. 

But of course since she has been running much more than I had she pulled away. I could still see glimpses of her for the next quarter mile. 

My own path…

Her instructions were to turn right on the street she turned left on. But instead of turning right, I turned left to see where the street ended. Of course I had to stop running and walked a bit, which is fine because I’m doing me. My plan was to go to the end of this street and turn back to head to her house. 

As I got to the middle of that road, I see her walking back. 

Our walk in silence…

She asked,”are you running to the end?” 

I said in my huffing voice,”yes.”  She quietly and quickly turned and joined me in my run to the end of the block. Of course since her pace is much faster than mine, she pulled ahead again but this time she stopped and waited for me at the end of the road. 

I jogged to the end and stopped to catch my breath and rested. I was going to head back the other direction but she motioned me to walk with her. 

We walked in silence until we returned to her house. She said her normal response,”well that was fun” to which I replied “no it wasn’t. At least I know it wasn’t fun for you.” She remained quiet and acquiesced via the nod of her head. 

I told her I was going upstairs to shower and get ready for the rest of our day.

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