#209 (the make up…sort of)

After my shower, I got ready for the rest of our day. Or should I say, the rest the morning as I wasn’t sure if I’d be hanging out with S the rest of the weekend. Our original plan was to go to breakfast, then watch the high school soccer team play in the state playoffs, then finally see a coworker play at a local bar. I was fine but I knew she was super upset still. 

The reconciliation…

I waited downstairs while she got dressed. Normally she’ll bound the stairs announcing her presence. But thus morning, there was no announcement. It was just her walking down the stairs and her matter of fact status,”I’m ready to go.”

I candidly replied and got my shoes on. I walked up to her hugged her and apologized for making her upset during our walk/run. 

At first she didn’t say anything but only hugged me back in silence. Then…she let me have it. Now I know she was angry but didn’t know to what extreme. But apparently I learned through her venting that it was a big thing. I didn’t disturb her venting until I could hear the heat in her tone of voice had dissipated. 

Apparently she had hoped I would be someone that she could run with. Now why is it that women think they can change their boyfriends (or their significant other)? I mean she knew I hated running long before Saturday and much earlier on in our dating relationship.But  apparently that didn’t matter. 

She even confided she didn’t want me to come down anymore. So I half jokingly asked,”you were going to use our safe word? On this?” 

She replied,”yeah! But I forgot about it using it actually.” Then she chuckled. My response was to smile back in return as I had to think about her reaction to go as far to use the safe word. I thought to myself,”Really for something this small you would throw in the towel?” Maybe in retrospect I would be okay if she had used the safe word. My thoughts continued,”Better now than later…

Diffusing the emotional bomb…

I apologized again that I wasn’t more clear about my dislike of the sport of running and that it was my fault for her making that assumption. She also apologized and jokingly said this wouldn’t be our last fight. I quickly turned and inquired,”why do you say that?”

She said,”I know me.”

I smiled and drove us to our first stop of our day…

#singleasianmale #dating #emotional #woman


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