#210 (turmeric milk)

I found a different recipe for a homemade tonic for my upper respiratory ailments. This recipe is definitely more palatable.

Instead of 2 cups of water and a little bit of milk to taste (acts like a creamer in a tea drink), this recipe calls for having 2 cups of milk. The amount of turmeric is the same (1 teaspoon) as well as the other ingredients. 

The same simmering time is required (10 minutes). It also calls to strain the liquid and add the honey at the end. 

It definitely is much easier to drink. I’ve had my upper respiratory now going on two weeks. So hopefully this is a good home remedy I can use going forward. 

We’ll see….
#singleasianmale #homeremedies #commoncold


3 thoughts on “#210 (turmeric milk)

  1. I love golden milk! It rather reminds me of chai tea. I’ve never seen a recipe with only water or water and just a little bit of milk. I agree, that probably isn’t very palatable. Speaking of palatability though, I don’t strain mine. I enjoy the little bits.

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