#211 (bad pharmaceuticals)

After two weeks of being under the weather, I’ve finally emerged from my ailment, well sort of. I still have the occasional cough and nasal congestion at night. 

What didn’t work…

As soon as I felt the sore throat coming on (two weeks ago), I started my regimen of vitamin C and B12 to help boost the cold fighting agents in my body. As the cold continued to get worse, I added more natural path remedies like the turmeric tea, turmeric milk, oranges, and clear liquids. 

After working from home the first week and the upper respiratory infection in full force, over the counter medications like Mucinex DM (expectorant) and Allegra (antihistamine) were introduced. These were prescribed by yours truly, Dr. Sam. I hate taking meds but the home remedies were not working. 

Feeding the big pharmaceuticals…

The beginning of the second week of my upper respiratory seemed to have stabilized and I ventured back to work (Monday and Tuesday last week). Unfortunately I couldn’t last the whole day for either day. I went home in the afternoon on both of those days. I guess my body needs more rest. 

I refilled my stash of more over the counter meds. The first batch cost over $30USD and this second batch cost nearly $50USD. By Wednesday, I gave up and went to see my doctor as I now felt feverish (especially at night). 

Bad pharmaceutical companies…

I was given a prescription for plain sudafed and a cough syrup containing codeine. My doctor also said I should stop taking both over the counter meds. By the second day, my cough and nasal congestion were on the way to clearing. 

By Saturday, my upper respiratory had nearly cleared, my cough was nearly gone, and my voice had returned to its normal tone. My girlfriend said she’ll miss my ‘Barry White’ voice but would rather have me healthy. 

Why doesn’t the big pharmaceutical companies give medicine that actually works the first time? Oh wait! They would lose money!

So the total over the counter meds (Mucinex DM, Allegra Allergy, and several bags of cough drops) cost over $80USD while the prescribed medications cost under $15 for both the sudafed and codeine cough syrup. 

Lesson learned…

Although I typically don’t seek out doctors at the onset of a sore throat, perhaps it’ll save me money and time on my next illness. Even with my $20 copay, the total outlay would have been less than half of what it cost me with the over the counter meds. 

My diet also needs to change and include more natural and healthier foods. Definitely more fruits and vegetables. Maybe this will keep me out of the doctors offices. 

Lastly, as I get older it seems it takes longer for me to get over a cold. So I need more clear liquids and more hours of sleep. 

Maybe once I put healthier eating, drinking lots of natural liquids, and getting plenty of sleep in my daily routine, I won’t need to support the big pharmaceutical companies. 
#singleasianmale #drugfree #healthyeating #healthyliving


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