#212 (to old for this)

Last weekend after our first fight, we continued our weekend and went to breakfast restaurant called Tommy’s in her local town. Her daughter loves their hash browns. 

Saturday breakfast…

I ordered what I normally do when S and I are out at a new restaurant where we hadn’t previously eaten from their breakfast menu. S always orders something different every time with one consistency if the establishment makes them from scratch – biscuits. 

The hash browns were not the best I’ve had. They weren’t as crispy and they were made with what tasted like artificial butter. The gravy was okay but think there was something in it that made my stomach upset. 

S and I both agreed, Tommy’s is definitely a place we wouldn’t visit again. 

Saturday afternoon…

S’s kids high school boys soccer team were in the state finals which was played in a stadium near my house. 

The game was intense as both teams ended regulation play in a tie. They continued to be tied through the two 10 minute overtime play. It came down to the penalty kicks session where each team has five players from each team go one on one with the goalie from the opposing team. The best out of the five shots win. 

Unfortunately, their boys team didn’t win. But second place for the entire state is not bad either. 

Saturday night…

Most of parents who had kids in the team or who were emotionally connected to the soccer team were in attendance. This means most of S’s friends were there. This meant of course dinner somewhere after the game. 

We ended up at a restaurant several blocks from my house that serves burgers, pizza, and beer – great for an after game dinner. 

I was getting tired but I asked S anyway,”are we still going to see my coworker play?” 

“Well of course!” She said almost shouting. 

To clarify, one of my coworkers play in a couple of bands. One of the bands he plays in was performing at a bar near my house. 

My idea for going to the local bar was just to listen to the band and nurse a cocktail. Well of course that’s not my girlfriend. She had to drink, dance, and let loose. Long story short, we arrived around 9pm and partied until about midnight. 

I’m too old for this…

#singleasianmale #tooldforthis #saturdaynight


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