#213 (a new world coming)

First day back after a break is always the hardest for me. Add the fact that I’m still fighting my upper respiratory issues, and pile on top of that the fact of it being Monday, which is the busiest of all days. Lastly since I’ve been out and haven’t checked email, my mailbox was more than it usually is. 

Also heard from my soon to be new boss that folks on the team I’m transitioning to have already formed an opinion about my lack of technology experience. He wasn’t sure where that originated but thought I needed to be aware of what I was walking into. 

“That’s great!” I thought. “The new team is already forming opinions based on what?”

Well I guess I’ll just have convince the new team that one doesn’t need to have all the knowledge to lead.

Some background…

About a month ago, the director approached me with possibly switching completely over to the system side of technology. 

I have been in the technology field for nearly 17 years. But my focus has been software development and specifically in the business intelligence area. It’s all about data and making sense of what that data tells us so that business decisions can be made, processes adjusted, or new steams of revenue can be implemented. 

The new world…same issues…

The systems side is new and unfamiliar as there is a plethora of new system tools that are foreign to me. It seems like every day, there’s a new tool that we are reviewing or thinking about how to bring into our space. 

My role for this new team is the same as what I’ve been doing for nearly as long as I’ve been in the business intelligence space. I would be managing and communicating when the team would make available the new systems, and iterations of those systems. 

Part of what I like about my role is that I can say,”No, we can’t add that now!” My other favorite phrase is,”Why does that have to be done now?” 

I was talking to S about the changes happening at work. I told her about my conversation with my director – the same director who wanted me to move completely over to systems. 

Basically I had told my director to not communicate or commit to delivering something without confirming the dates with me. The reason is I own (am responsible for) those dates. I can’t support dates that gets communicated without my knowledge or where I’m not aligned. 

She was amazed that I speak with my managers with such authority. Maybe taking ownership is why I’ve been successful. 

My transition plan…

I figure as long as I have the experts on the team, why would I need to know the intricate details. True I won’t be able to call BS (at the onset) but then again my management style is not having a single point of failure. I enable the team to manage and self-organize, work in collaboration, and instill team-managed decisions. 

It’s a simple philosophy – if the team owns the work and understand the timelines, the team will deliver. 

Now just when I first started in the data side of technology, I knew nothing. So eventually I’ll be able to understand their techy jargon but for now I’ll just do as I normally do – fail quickly, take ownership, keep the team moving forward, and protect the team from outside interference…

…until I find my exodus

#singleasianmale #newteam #worklife #management


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