#214 (volunteerism)

One the great things about working at my current job is their spirit of volunteerism and giving back to the community. Last year we volunteered at the local food bank location to process the food donations. This past Wednesday, we’re doing that again. 

After my first wife passed away and when my son was younger, maybe around 8, he was complaining that he couldn’t get something or that I didn’t buy him something he really wanted. I decided it was time he saw a different part of life. 

His big surprise…

I decided to sign up my only son (at that time) and me to volunteer to feed the hungery on thanksgiving day. At the time we lived in Houston, TX. There are usually thousands of folks that come out to the thanksgiving dinner. 

I had told him weeks before thanksgiving day that we were going to do something special. I never told him what activity we would be doing. So by the time thanksgiving day he was excited and couldn’t wait. 

We got into my car and started going the opposite direction of his grandmother’s house. Now my son is very directionally astute and he knew his grandma’s house was not the direction we were heading. 

“We’re not going to grandma’s house?” He asked. 

“Not yet.” I told him. “Remember I had said we were going to do something special today!”

“Oh yeah!” He excitedly shouted back. “What are we going to do?

“It’s a surprise.” I said with my voice at a higher octave than usual. “You will love it!”

He was satisfied for the time being. We reached downtown Houston an fee moments later. 

“What are we doing here?” He asked. 

We are going to help feed people who have nothing to eat today.” I said. “I think you need to understand how well you have it and how other kids your age don’t.”

The air in his sails disappeared and vanished as soon as he heard we were feeding others today.

I’m doing what…

We reached the volunteer entrance and we checked in. There were rows and rows of tables and chairs lined up and as people obtained their thanksgiving dinner, individuals and family units would occupy the chairs. 

We were given caps and gloves to wear while we were serving. My son was given bread duty. Basically he would walk up and down the aisle with either bread slices or buns and offer what he had on his tray to the people sitting at the tables. 

I was manning the drink station and I watched him as I was doing my duties. I could see at first he didn’t want to do it.  But after the second tray of breads, I could see his attitude change. He was eager and very cordial as people especially kids his age take the bread from his bread tray. 

Our shift ended four hours later. I thought he would be pooped. Instead he was glum and yet satisfied. 

“I didn’t know there were lots of people that don’t have food” He said sadly. “I’m glad we helped today!”

I smiled, gave him a hug, and held his hand as we walked to our car. Definitely a good day…
#singleasianmale #givingback #changetheworld


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