#215 (turkey day)

My 2nd thanksgiving at my new to me house was not unlike what I did for my first thanksgiving – I spent most of the time in the kitchen. Last year it was my my son and his girlfriend. This year it was with S, her kids, and her mother (and her mother’s dog). 

I made my traditional thanksgiving spread. Turkey, spiral ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, candied yams, giblet gravy, fluffy biscuits. 

My first spiral ham on the Traeger…

I had originally planned to warm the spiral ham in the oven. But I couldn’t get both the turkey and the ham to fit properly. So I decided the ham was going in the Traeger. 

Since the ham was precooked, it just needed to be warmed to the appropriate internal temperature of 120 degrees. 

I started warming my precooked sprial ham on my Traeger. I set at the lowest smoke setting at 225 degrees until it reached the targeted internal temperature. 

Once the desired internal temperature was reached I added my glaze. It came out better than I expected. I think I’ll keep that recipe. 

My traditional baked turkey…

Next on the list was my turkey. I decided to bake the turkey in my oven instead of the Traeger. It came out okay, but think it would have been better on the Traeger. 

For the past several Thanksgiving dinners, I baked my turkey using a locally pressed olive oil. Fortunate for me, there is a local olive oil farm who always have their first pressings around thanksgiving day. 

I think my turkey came out as it normally does, but I don’t think S and her kids liked it. It’s okay though. I’ll make turkey pot pie or something else with the left overs. 

Giblet gravy and other fixings…

I also made giblet gravy from scratch the first time this year using the drippings from the turkey, some flour, and of course giblets (meat from the neck bones and the turkey gizzards). S was a fan. S was also a fan of my stuffing, which I also make from scratch (butter, celery, onions, and crumbled dried seasoned bread). 

The other side dishes (green bean casserole, candied yams, and layered biscuits) were not favored by S. Her mother loved everything, and her kids loved the biscuits. But the other two sides were hardly touched. Again it’s okay as I love left over thanksgiving dinner. 

Now my mother raised me to be thankful of what I have and be thankful for those who made the meal. S confessed she was a bit disappointed as I didn’t make mashed potatoes. Apparently that’s a traditional side dish at their family thanksgiving dinner. 

Don’t complain if you didn’t place your order…

I had asked many weeks prior if they had something special or traditional she wanted me to make. She knew what was on my list of dishes and no requests were received. Instead I get, “make your traditional meal.” 

“Are you sure there’s nothing special?” I had asked several times before the turkey day approached. 

“Nope! I’m sure it’s all going to be great!” S would respond. 

“So being disappointed is your fault.”  I wanted to say to her. But of course I didn’t. 

Something to ponder…

Imagine that someone planned out the menu, bought the food, slaved over a hot stove / grill, and you have the audacity to complain. Especially when all you did was show up at my house and eat. 

She didn’t even offer to help with the dishes, seemed a little bothered that the food wasn’t all done when she arrived, and commented that the tablescspe wasn’t up to par based on the pictures she saw of my last year’s holiday party. And to top it off, she knew I was coming off a 2+ week upper respiratory infection. 

“Wow!” I’m really seeing a selfish side that I don’t like. I feel it’s becoming one sided. I think I need to rethink this relationship. 

#singleasianmale #thanksgiving #turkeyday #leftovers


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