#219 (out of storage unit)

It’s only a month later than I had originally planned but as of Sunday, I’m finally out of my storage unit. That’s a savings of a little more than $2800 a year. 

Unfortunately, since I’ve moved the items into my garage I have now have no room to actually park my car. So now my Beamer sits outside in the weather. I guess I’ve got a new incentive to get the suspended shelving up in my garage as the longer it doesn’t get completed, the longer my sports car sits in the Pacific Northwest winter weather. 

I’m also incentivized to sell off some things I no longer need like a bow flex, an antique iron bed, some tires, a portable air conditioner, and a pair of 10-speed bicycles just to name a few things. My son tells me to list them on Craigslist. But I’ve not done that before so hopefully it’ll work out that I sell all the unnecessary items. 

My goal is to have these no longer needed items gone by the end of the year. I wonder if that’s even possible.

Wish me luck!!

#singleasianmale #declutter #craigslist #sellit


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