#222 (lunch with the gang)

It’s been a long time since I’ve had lunch with my wing woman (Jackie and Lois) and my main man, Chad. Our work life have changed in that Lois is now in a different campus, Jackie has been promoted and busy doing other things, and I’m transitioning to another area away from where Chad works. So our work lives have changed. 

I was a bit late as I was coming from a demo with my new team. Chad was actually in my new team’s demo but he left early (smart man). I ordered my food and joinedthem. They were chit chatting about something as I sat down. 

Focus on my dating…

The conversation then turned to me and my dating life. “So you still dating?” Lois asked. I responded with a lowly, “yeah.” 

Chad began laughing and said questioning Lois and Jackie. “Haven’t you been reading his blog?” Then he chuckled again. 

“What’s going on?” Inquired both Jackie and Lois. 

Catching up the wing women…

I proceeded explaining my uneasiness of the Pisces sign. And how they are so emotional, always late, holds grudges, takes everything personally, and is either one extreme or the other (only black or white). Of course they wanted examples. I told the story of our first fight when S instructed (I meant forced me) to warm up her way. 

Jackie responded. “She’s just trying to help you.”

“Help me is fine but forcing me to warm up in a certain way – because any other way was not right.” I began my defense. 

Jackie was silently ingesting but Lois blurted, “why didn’t you just take your hands out of your pockets?”

“I was cold! But as I became warm, I did take my hands out,” I explained. Lois was listening and nodding but remained silent. 

Next item causing doubt…

Then I begin recalling the events of thanksgiving. Chad was already smiling from ear to ear. 

After I described and listed the menu items and the events that led to assumptions S made of my traditional Thanksgiving dinner, both said loudly and simultaneously, “No mashed potatoes?”

At this time, Chad was rolling as S and her daughter had said the same exact phrase as my wing women just uttered. I tried defending my situation that mashed potatoes were not part of my traditional thanksgiving dinner. Both were surprised and sided with S. 

“But she knew the menu and I asked if she wanted me to make something else,” I rebutted. Both were still shocked I didn’t have mashed potatoes. Jackie asked, “What about the gravy?”

I informed that she loved my giblet gravy, turkey stuffing, turkey and ham. “But no mashed potatoes!” Both chimed again. 

“Nope! That wasn’t part of my traditional meal my mom would make.” I answered. 

“That’s weird!” Jackie said in denial. But she did back me as she circled back to the fact that S was aware of the menu. 

Well I guess my wing women has sort of sided with S. But Jackie did confirm the traits of Pisces. Guess I’ll continue to observe and learn more about S…(for now)

#singleasianmale #friends #wingwomen #bestfriends #dating


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