#223 (first snow of the season)

6:30am and my alarm clock sounded and the first thought in my head was, “why is my alarm sounding this early on a Sunday?” Well it turned out it was a Monday. Shortly after the alarm sound my secondary wake up device turned on and the weatherman was going through his spiel of the weather. 

Snow today? What?…

“The radar is showing snow but it’s actually only raining,” he was rambling as I jolted up and walked to the window. The clouds overhead did look like it would snow anytime. I returned to watch the rest of his weather report. “The high for today will be in the high 30s. It’ll be too warm for snow. It’ll just rain…” he was reporting when I left to make my espresso. 

I grabbed some fruit while my espresso was brewing. As I looked out my kitchen window, there was a rain and snow mix falling and hitting the window pane. I guess the weatherman was slightly wrong again or at least slightly off in their predictions of just rain. 

Driving in the snow mix…

I left for work about an hour later and I could feel the coldness in the air. Normally I don’t feel it as my car is typically in the garage. But since I’ve moved out of my storage unit and the contents are in my garage, my car is parked outside in the front of my house. Which means my car is just as cold inside as it is outside. My other vehicle (my pickup truck) remains outside at all times as my garage is too shallow and not wide enough to hold both of my vehicles in my garage. 

The rain and snow mix was not falling when I left the house but it did start again as I reached the halfway point between my house and work. It didn’t stick to the roads which was a good thing. Otherwise my commute would be treacherous. 

Snow is falling…

The weather continued to get worse as the day progressed. I was in my first meeting (about 9:30am) and the rain mix changed to big fluffy flakes. 

It was great to see the first snowfall of the season…

#singleasianmale #firstsnow #snowday


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