#224 (pictures & memories)

In going through the items moved into my garage from my storage, I found pictures that made me reminisce when I was back in elementary school. For me, my childhood was a great time in my life. None of the pressures that I go through today were remotely close to the load of responsibilities I carry today. 
I can’t believe how quickly this and previous years have taken me away from my childhood. Somehow, I blinked and turned 51 with two grown kids and somehow landed in the Pacific Northwest. And I’ve been here 10 years. 

The good old days…

Is it possible to go back to the yesteryears and just stay there for a moment? Some of my friends today didn’t have an enjoyable childhood, but I did. I grew up dirt poor but I didn’t know the difference since everyone in my neighborhood were in the same financial boat. 

Although I grew up poor, I lived a carefree life thanks to my mother and my step dad. Although our neighborhood was not affluent, I was wealthy with great friends who weren’t into drugs or doing bad things. They were kids that loved playing all kinds of sports and respected each other. We were a mixed race group of kids and hung out after school and on weekends. During the summer, we hung out and played outside from sunrise to sundown. 

I didn’t have cellphones and I didn’t own a watch. I just knew to be home before it was dark. On the rare occasions I ended up at a friend’s house after dark, my friends’ mothers would make sure I called (via their analog house telephone) to let my parents know where I was. But most times I was home before it was completely dark. 

Life was easy…

Dinner was normally cooked and on the table, and my clothes were laundered. My mom kept a clean house and made sure we had enough food to eat. 

Now I did have a few chores like babysitting my younger siblings who are 5 – 10 years my junior, and helping with yard work. But those chores were not hard. At the time, I probably was annoyed with the babysitting gig but it was great training with my own kids. 

Back to reality…

I live alone, work between 50-60 hours a week, have a mortgage, have a car payment, have to cook my own meals, clean my house, and have to launder my own clothes. 

What the heck happened??!! 

#singleasianmale #childhoodmemories #simplelife #backtoreality


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