#225 (a snow day)

5:30AM an unexpected phone call startled me awake. I didn’t recognize the number so I let the caller go to voicemail. I maneuvered to my text messages and noticed I had one new message. It’s from one of those messages you receive from an alert system (like an amber alert). This one was from work. 

It stated: 

Due to the inclement weather in the Beaverton area, the WHQ Campus will be closed on Thursday, December 8th. Please share this information with your team.

I immediately looked out my window and saw nothing different than what it would look like any other morning at 5:30 this time of year. It was dark except the glow of the street light located a few houses down the street. 

Not wanting to turn on the television, I opened the weather app on my iPhone and scanned today’s forecast. According to the app, snow would be falling beginning 10AM and would continue until 7PM. 

“I’ve got a snow day!! Whoop whoop!” I rejoiced out loud. Imagine that. A 51 year old man excited to have a snow day. I was giddy that I didn’t have to work today and I didn’t have to use one of my vacation days. 

I checked my voicemail and it was the secondary alert from work communicating the same “we’re closed” message. 

Yeah! Let it snow!!

#snowday #letitsnow #singleasianmale


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