#226 (prepping for my introspective)

The last weeks of the year, I begin looking back at my accomplishments and reconcile them to what I had planned in my last introspection. 

I only set a few goals and let other things materialize. Here was my short list of goals. 

  • Begin a blog post. A year ago on December 5th, I started blogging about my life. I posted about my online and offline dating experiences as well as other happenings. Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the following stats. I find it’s a lot of work to write 5 posts a week. So I might back down to once a week or a max of a 2 or 3 posts a week.
  • Hiking 25 trails. I did 12 so far. One of the hikes was an urban hike/walk through a small town. It looks like I can do at least one or two more before the year ends. So possibly I’ll end the year with 13 or 14 trails. 
  • Train/plan for a triathlon in 2017. Well…I’ve been on a few runs. I bought a road bike and completed two rides. But I didn’t swim. So not good on this goal. 
  • Maintain my weight loss from the previous year. The beginning of the year, I was around 168lbs. As of the other morning, I weighed in at 168.2. So check. Weight management / maintenance on track.
  • The last one was to get back into having home parties and get together with friends. I hosted four parties and a thanksgiving dinner. My friends are asking when the next party would be. So another checkmark. 

Not bad. I’m at 50% mark of my personal goals from last year. 

Things Not planned…

Some unplanned surprises came along. The first one was finding a steady girlfriend. After several dates from online dating services and friends setting me up with their friends, I met someone at one of those switch / speed dating events. So far we’ve been exclusively dating since February. 

Normally I would travel back to Houston, rent a beach house for a week, and visit with my family. This year my sister and my mother came up to see me. It was a great unplanned event.  I’m so glad they came. 

I haven’t taken a vacation with anyone in a long time. This includes the later years of my marriage with my ex as she was busy working on building her and her brother’s business. But this past year I took three vacations – one in Washington state and the other in California with my girlfriend. I also did a staycation with my sister and mother. 

Also not planned (and not good for funding my retirement) was spending a butt load of money I typically wouldn’t have. I guess when you have a girlfriend, and do things that you normally don’t do like joining wine clubs, going on vacations, and having nice dinners out with her, you don’t have as much to put in your retirement account at the end of the year. 


It’s been an eye opener having a more active social life. I like the aspect of having my friends around me and seeing them enjoy the food I prepare. I also like having a special person in my life to share life with – I can do without the emotional roller coaster ride (but maybe I need that). 

I miss my family. Other than seeing the older of my two younger sisters and my mom, I haven’t seen my other two siblings for a couple of years now. I also miss seeing my nieces and nephews. 

Need to beef up my retirement. I only have a few years from now before I plan to exit corporate life. The dilemma is I’ve got a girlfriend and we both love to do things that requires spending funds I would otherwise allocate for funding my later years. Need to find the balance for keeping the relationship fresh without spending a little fortune. 

Need to maintain my physical and mental health. As I get older, I realize age will continue to appear and make physical changes as shown daily in the mirror. Aging will add challenges to both my mental and physical well being.

Letter to my future self…

To finalize my introspective (in the next few days), I’ll jot down a few goals and seal them in an envelope until my next introspective (December 2017). Sorry I won’t share those at this time, but will disclose the list once I’ve finalized them. 

#introspective #betterme #life #singleasianmale


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