#228 (new appetizers – part 2)

The two appetizers turned out better on the second round. So instead of taking one, I took both to S’s holiday work party. Did I mention, the party dress code was to proudly wear the “ugliest Christmas sweater” you own. And there would be a white elephant gift exchange to boot.

I’m not sure we would win the ugliest Christmas sweater contest as it’s not too bad compared to other sweaters people were happily dawning and flaunting. 

My white elephant was purchased during one of those couldn’t sleep because I had too much brain activity keeping me awake nights, which I’ve always had throughout my teens and into my adult life. I couldn’t wait for someone to open it. The recipient would either love it and hold on to it, or try to quickly coerce another guest into stealing it away from them. It’ll be entertaining regardless. 

Arriving late…

Well of course we would arrive later than most of her coworkers. I guess that’s the new norm when I’m with S. We weren’t as late as other folks but much later than when I would have normally wanted to arrive. Of course S was okay with it as that’s just who she is. I would be there a few minutes before. I might sit in the car and wait while the starting time approached, but I wouldn’t be “fashionably late” as we have been. 

All gone…

In parties I don’t host, I like to watch and see which items are devoured first. I discount any store purchased items as those don’t represent what I would normally prepare. Those that legitimately run out first are the ones I want to emulate and either get the recipe, or the more favored thing to do is to savor the flavor and try to pick out the ingredients. 

Of the two I brought (with S), both were neck and neck on their consumption rate, which after the first round of grazing, only a few pieces (about half a dozen) remained. There was another contender which I also liked. It too had a few remaining pieces. I took another couple of them to begin deciphering the flavor. 

I tasted garlic, a sweetness like a syrup or honey, or maybe a jelly of some sort squeezed into a date which was wrapped in bacon. The filling in the date tasted like cream cheese and a pepper or jalapeño jam. It was quite tasty and the different flavors blended together well. 

On the second round, the two items S and I brought were gone. So were the bacon wrapped date stuffed with cream cheese and pepper jam. 

So now I have three items to include in my upcoming small plate themed party. 

#entertaining #life #appetizers #partyideas #singleasianmale


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