#233 (packages for Christmas)

December 19 and two more days remaining until it’ll be past the deadline for the gifts to reach my family in Houston. I’ll now have to ship using the USPS priority mail service which guarantees my packages arrive just in time for Christmas morning. 

As with all families, my nieces and nephews have grown up and are harder to get gifts to them. So because my family have dispersed and are now living in separate lives, this year I decided to send several packages instead of sending one big box as I did last year for the older of my sisters to distribute to the rest of our family members. 

As a matter of fact, my presents I sent them last year was collected by them a few days prior to this post. My old sister had been trying to reach them because she were the one I had sent the packages to as my other sister doesn’t want to provide her actual address. Families are weird aren’t they?

Anyway I think I need one more gift. This means I’ve got to rush to the store either during my lunch hour or after work. Then package up the last box and get them to the post office to ensure they arrive on Christmas Eve day. 

Gifts for me…

Most years I’ve purchased at least one gift for myself. However, this year I still hadn’t purchased anything for me. At this point in my life, I really don’t need anything. In fact, my girlfriend told me today, “you’re hard to shop for because you really don’t need anything and you’re very self sufficient.”

“Thanks,” I said and agreed with her in that I am hard to buy for. 

However I think, if she actually recalled some of our recent conversations, she could have identified a few things I could use or would want. But I’m not big on pointing out things for people to buy on my behalf, especially during the holidays. I mean I have the means, I’m single, and I’m a bit picky when it comes to the design and ease of use of things. I also would select quality over price. So better for me to buy my own stuff. 

Santa’s domestic shipping dept…

December 20th – My last gift going to Houston was purchased, wrapped, labeled, and sealed for delivery. All three packages have now been dropped off at the post office and entrusted with Santa’s domestic shipping department (USPS) to get my packages to their delivery point in time for my nieces and nephews to open and enjoy their presents. 

#christmasgifts #family #shipping #usps #life #singleasianmale


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