#234 (my last work day)

December 21st, 5pm finally comes around signifying my official start to my holiday vacation. The company I work for has allotted two days for Christmas (12/26 & 12/27) and two days for New Years (12/30 & 01/02). So this year there are two working days between Christmas and New Years. So if one is smart, they can use two acation days to get nine consecutive days off. 

I had to up that and took off 12/22 and I’m not planning to return to work until 01/4, which gives me 14 consecutive days. I hadn’t taken the last two weeks off for several years. As a consultant, I always took the last two weeks because I needed to take a mental break, but that’s been at least 4 years ago. 

Yeah I’m officially on vacation. I hope the days go by slowly. 

#vacationmode #vacationrime #nowork #life #dingleasianmale


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