#236 (food for skeleton crew)

During the last couple weeks of the calendar year only few souls actually go into the office and work. The majority of the full time employees (like myself) take a few days of vacation during this down time. However there are some folks (workaholics) continue as if it were a typical day. I say enjoy the benefits and take the time to refuel your mind and soul. Then there are the unfortunate folks like our contractors who must work. They can choose to not work, but then they don’t get paid. 

Those who are in the office working during the holidays don’t have food options as the cafeterias and restaurants on campus also close during this time of year. So I started something last year that I think I’ll continue as long as I work there. 

Like I did last year, I brought in food to feed the souls who were in the office. I wish I could say that all of it comes from the goodness of my heart, but let’s face it I have an alternative motive in that it allows the opportunity for testing out new recipes for my upcoming parties. I figured it’s a symbiotic relationship where I get feedback by seeing their faces with either a grimace in disappointment or a smile and eyes lit up with approval. 

Regardless, I get feedback and they in turn get food. 

Unknown number of diners…

I’m not sure how many folks will be working as it’s the holidays. I estimate there would be a few employees (maybe 5) and the majority of the contractors, which I estimate to be around 15. Jackie texted me and said she would be in as well just to partake in the luncheon. 

Last year, they were so grateful and devoured my cooking. Even our VP was in the office and he also partook and consumed two of the ribs. Maybe he’ll be there this year as well. 

So I’ve made enough to feed 30 people. 

The grub…

On the menu this year and based on requests from last years recipients are their favorites from last – my slow cooked wings and my fall-off-the-bone BBQ pork ribs. In addition to those two favorites, I threw in my shrabacon (shrimp stuffed with crab and jalapeño and wrapped in bacon), and a vegetarian option.  Now I don’t usually do veggies, so this would be new for both them and me. 

My slow cooked chicken wings…

My slow cooked pork ribs…

My shrabacon…

My pickle chips…

My baked cauliflower…

My birthday present…

As I posted last Friday (http://wp.me/p70WJj-WR), it was my birthday and I like keeping things low key. The other thing I like to do on my birthday is to give back to my community. So as part of my birthday celebration, I brought my food into the office and the best part is they didn’t know it was my birthday. So I celebrated my birthday without them knowing it – I love that. 

I’m glad I’m able to bring delight to their taste pallets, especially since the cafeteria was closed. However, even if it were open, they do not have great tasting food. Our taste buds have been bored for many months now since they contracted with a different food company and have taken away the food truck options. 

So enjoy my office team!! Happy holidays!!

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