#237 (Christmas in Bellevue)

About five years ago, I was consulting with one of the big cellular service providers and lived in a city west of Seattle named Bellevue. Actually I lived on the outskirts of Bellevue in a suburb called Factoria. 

My son went to school in the Seattle area and now has recently moved to downtown Bellevue in one of the high rise living complex. Since I don’t see him often, I decided that I would spend Christmas with him this year. 

But what about your gf S? 

I will spend time with her and her kids on a skiing trip the day after Christmas. During our ten months of dating, it was just the two of us in an overnight trip. On this upcoming trip, we will have her children together with us for several days. I’ve observed their interactions in their normal settings. So this will be new…

Tiny spaces…

My son’s lives in the heart of downtown Bellevue and is walking distance to almost anything he needs. The housing complex is guarded by a concierge and access to all the building areas is controlled by card readers. I even had to sign in just to park my car in one of their visitor parking spots. 

His new place is small (about 400 sf), but big enough for a single guy. It has a small kitchen that holds a full size stove and frig where the freezer section is on top and the refrigerator section is on the bottom. It’s not the side by side model like I have, which I hate by the way, as it’s too small to hold anything, especially for holding the food for my home parties. 

He has a combined living / bedroom / office that’s probably 12′ x 12′. The only storage he has other than the kitchen cabinets is a shelving unit enclosed and hidden behind a set of accordion sliding doors. 

His combined bedroom / living / office area is decorated with a full size bed (bedroom), about 3′ away are two stand alone chairs (his living room), and about 3′ away from his living room is a small desk and chair that serves as his office. 

Believe it or not, he still has room to add a few key, strategic furniture pieces to accommodate more storage options as well as a collapsible dining table. Overall, his apartment is quaint and efficient for a single Generation Y male. 

Unlike his father, my son’s place lacked the holiday cheer and was void of any Christmas decorations, not even a small tree. It’s not that he doesn’t celebrate Christmas, he just doesn’t have the room to store the decorations that go with this holiday, or any holiday decorations. In a small place, you have to think – just the essentials. 

Too small for me…
I’m not sure I could downsize to this small of a space. I think I’m just used to having a few bedrooms and enough space to have separated areas and not all being confined to a small living space. 

Maybe I could (if I was forced to – like a prison cell ) but if I don’t have to…why? 

I’m actually looking for a property with a few acres so I could build a house and do some gardening. I’m not looking for something too big but big enough (about 3 acres) to sustain my food needs, and enough space to not feel claustrophobic, and a place with plenty of space between my house and my neighbor’s house and not like the housing communities they build today where the houses are so close to each other that one person could literally reach over and touch their neighbor’s house while they were still inside their own house. 

Maybe that would become a reality one day, but for now it’s suburban living in a cookie cutter designed community, or in my son’s case, a high rise city community. 

City scape…

Looking out his window, the Expedia building could be seen, and like most growing cities, construction. There’s another building going up next to his building but on the other sid of the street. There are actually four high rise communities within a two block square. 

He’s located within two blocks from the Bellevue mall that houses plenty of shopping options. He is also within a couple of blocks for various grocery stores – one of which happened to be an Asian market, which is where we shopped for ingredients to make our traditional Filipino Christmas Eve dinner. He has several restaurants he can walk to as well including a sushi bar that is across the street. 

Nearly everything he needs is within a four block radius. 

Christmas Eve dinner…

We only made two dishes of our traditional Filipino Christmas Eve meal because it was just the two of us. But the two dishes are our two favorites: 


Pork adobo

What’s after dinner that’s part of our tradition is to watch a classic Christmas movie. We chose the first diehard. Nothing could be better!

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