2017 – first week

Going back to the big corporate company after being out on vacation for nearly three weeks was very hard on my psyche especially that I have come to the realization that I’m looking for something more meaningful to do with my life. I’m almost 52 and I just woke up. I guess that’s okay as Colonel Sanders started his Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise when he was in his sixties. There’s hope for me. 

Back to the grind…

On the first day back, I had to re-train myself to go to bed early so that I could get up early. Oh I can’t wait to not be awakened by that annoying buzzing sound every weekday morning. 

4:30 AM and the alarm sounded. My goal was to be at work at my desk by 8AM. Actually my goal was to get there early so that I could leave at a normal hour (normal being around 5PM). Prior to my first day back, I had resolved to myself that I would be there before 8AM every day and leave by 5PM, which in so doing would allow me to reach my quota of 40 weekly hours by 4PM on Fridays. This gives me time in the evenings to work on my new cooking blog and other projects I had planned for the coming year. 

The first day, I met the goal of being in the office and at my desk before 8AM. Check! Unfortunately I overstayed my departure by an hour, which was fine as I still had about three hours I could work on my projects. 

It’s weird, or maybe it’s the laws of life that time passes quicker when you’re excited about what you’re doing and when you have a personal stake into want you’re trying to accomplish. I left work, stopped off to buy dinner, reached home, ate my take out dinner, and started in on my projects within an hour. I set my alarm for three hours later to ensure I don’t work too long on my personal projects, which if I did, would snowball into staying up too late, waking up late, getting to the office late, resulting in me not getting to work on my personal projects. 

10:30PM my alarm sounded which felt like it was only 15 minutes since I had initially set the alarm. My goal was to get the new website up, which I did but I really wanted to get further along than I had. I only secured my new domain, secured my hosting, installed the blogging tools, and started in on the configuration of the look and feel of the site when that rude alarm signaled me to stop. It was like my mother talking to my school aged self ordering me, “go to bed.”

It’s funny how you start negotiating with yourself, “what if I did one more hour?” Then your common sense steps in like a good parent and reminds you that you have to work in the morning. Before closing down my project for the night, I jotted down what I had yet to do to get both the site and the social networks up and ready and also established a rough scheduled of the work for the next couple of nights. The scheduled list showed the site would be live and my first blog posting uploaded by Saturday (that’s in three days). 

Next day I left work around 7PM and had to push an hour beyond the initial sounding of my “go to bed” alarm, which of course resulted in me getting to work the next morning later than my goal, which consequently meant leaving later than the intended departure time. 

S and I had planned a couple of long hikes this weekend so my goal for having all the pieces of my new food blog up this weekend would be in jeopardy of slipping into the second week of the year. It’s not like my food blog were something no one had ever thought of before and had to beat everyone to some imaginary finish line. It was just a timeline I put onto myself. Oh the pressures we add to ourselves. 

Everything happens for a reason…

It turned out the Portland area would be under another deep freeze (the third or fourth in the last month) that extended all the way south to the Oregon and California borders. The weatherman cautioned its viewers to not traverse the roads as they were predicting roadways would be covered by a sheet of ice by Saturday night and well into the morning commute on Monday. 

S and I diligently checked on the declining weather conditions throughout Saturday and both decided to forgo my coming down to her house and our hiking expedition, which we’ll have opportunities to do later in the month. 

So as we continued our periodic weather condition check in, I was able to complete the new food blog site, completed the setting up of the social feeds and links, and posted my first food blog. I never realized how much goes into the production of the videos, and the time to ensure the branding is consistent across all the social platforms. What did I get myself into. It was my first one and there’s always room for improvements. 

Cabin fever…

I’m easily bored and cannot just sit and do nothing. So I also managed to pack all the remaining Christmas decorations into the suspended garage storage shelving I installed before thanksgiving, and moved in the few furniture pieces from the garage into my living room and upstairs areas. These were the furniture items that traveled with me from the big move from Texas to Washington State a decade ago and had just came out of the last storage unit I rented and wrote about a few postings ago. 

Since I bought my house a little more than a year ago, my friends and S have made statements that the house doesn’t look like I had moved in yet. I guess my house is finally getting to a normal lived in state. 

Bad weather preparation…

I’m one of those folks that continue to work on things until they’re done and many of those times don’t think or focus on other things I should be doing. Case in point was the preparation for the inclement weather conditions. 

After I had completed the first food blog posting and rearranged, redecorated my house it finally dawned on me to check if I had rations to ride out the approaching winter storm. Fortunately I would be fine as I’ve previously stocked up my pantry and purchased several containers of water. What I don’t have are fresh fruits and veggies, but of course I have plenty of carbs. 

Hmmm, maybe I should also put more effort into having a stocked refrigerator with fresh fruits and veggies on my list of life changing habits for the new year. After all I now have a food blog and those items would be used to cook something that I could document on my food blog. 

Dating update…

S and I hadn’t seen nor spent time with each other since New Year’s Day and weren’t together this past weekend to hang out and compete two of our 24 planned hiking trips this coming year mostly due to the inclement weather conditions. In retrospect, I do miss hanging out and spending time with her and if it weren’t for the hazardous weather, I would have driven to her house and would have been okay with postponing the launching of one of my personal projects. 

I guess it’s true, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

According to what we’ve previously planned, we won’t see each other this coming weekend either as she and her oldest would be in route traveling to southern Oregon to visit a college that he’s looking to apply to and possibly attend in the fall. Now another weather system is supposed to drop more snow and ice in the southern part of the state later in the week so perhaps their plans would also get cancelled and I could sneak some time to see her (and her kids) since it’s not the weekend they spend with their father.

We’ll have to see what La Niña brings us this coming week.

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