2nd week 2017

Monday morning I awoke before my annoying weekday alarm setting with a rejuvenated spirit not solely because of a good night sleep, which I didn’t, but rather that I had an epiphany last week that fueled me to look beyond the monotony of the day to day necessary tasks to please my corporate bosses. I have been in a quandary for the past two years which could be due to the end of my latest marriage as I no longer had focus outside of work. I guess that happens when you devote your personal dreams and aspirations to something that you thought would be there until your last days and then have it evaporate into thin air. I needed to find a new focus. 

New projects…

I used to develop websites many years ago and when I first started, the effort was high as that was not my expertise. I could have hired someone but I also didn’t want to lay out a tremendous amount of money that after the fact I would have kicked myself because it was something that I could have done easily. 

In this time around, there is a plethora of resources readily available via that invention of the internet and specifically YouTube instructional videos. The technologies have also advanced in that an ancient developer type like myself can literally have the basic website up and running in a couple of hours without remembering the various coding languages, or worse yet, someone with no coding knowledge at all. It’s quite amazing on how quickly we’ve moved from having the detailed understanding of all the intricacies with HTML, Java, and CSS. Thank goodness to the nerds who have developed widgets and plugins!!

My biggest hurdle now is learning the production process of video editing and splicing. I’ve tried several techniques from still photos interspersed with video, using only photos, and using only videos. Also, understanding how to bring background music into the whole process has been a challenge. I’m sure the next attempts will get better and streamlined as the process will evolve and organically come together. I’m keeping production costs low by doing this all via my iPhone and using the various free video, movie making apps. In my next food post, I’m using a voice over feature which seems to be a much easier, efficient process of having photos, videos, background music and my voice all incorporated without it being forced. 

The marketer in me has also come out of hiding and have been talking up my new project by word of mouth to prep for my alpha release. I’m talking up my pet project to folks active on social media which would be my distribution channel. 

The office…

Although I’ve found a new fire to stoke outside of my corporate life, I am grateful to start a new endeavor at work. It’s the same HR role but with a new team, so a lateral move with a different set of stakeholders and team member personalities. The amount of work is also the same as I still have two teams. I’m slowly making my mark by changing the mindset and challenging the two teams to be more effective and efficient which seem to be similar words but implementation of both are slightly different. Processes will be tweaked which could upset the cart as people are not always open and welcoming of change. My first few weeks of observations have been eye opening in that no matter which teams I get assigned, they seem to have similar issues. Same issues different set of individuals. I’ve been doing this for 17 years. Somehow this type of work always finds me. So Here we go again!! SSDD – same sh$&@, different day. 

Dating life…

Regarding my dating lif, I haven’t seen or hung out with S this week due to our La Niña weather where this past week she dumped nearly 8″ of snow at my house, upwards of a foot of snow across the Portland metropolitan area, and even more snow accumulation on the surrounding hills with reported levels of more than a foot and a half of snow. 

I’ll digress a little…

This city isn’t accustomed to much snow and becomes a standstill (literally) if more than 2″ hit the surface. Typically (or should I say in recent years), there’s been only a few occurrences of snow causing this phenomenon in Portland. This season (December 2016 to this past week), we have had at least four weather patterns. Here is a picture of the snow in my neighborhood just outside my front door. I actually love this kind of weather as growing up in Texas did not provide the vehicle or opportunity of having outside fun during the winter months. 

Back to dating S…

So needless to say, S and I have only texted this week which I’ve noticed the amount and duration of that form of communication has continued to diminish as the number of days of not seeing each other have increased. I wonder what would happen if the gap of physically spending time together continued to grow. Would our relationship dwindle? That would provide an insight of the fragility or solidness of what we currently have built over the past 11 months. 

But who am I kidding! I don’t think there is one factor that determines how long relationships last other than the tolerance and commitment of the two individuals to each other. That’s what I’ve learned through my experiences anyway. You can be committed, but if that other person isn’t, then it’s not going to work out no matter how desperately you try. 1 + 0 = 1. Even mathematically it works out, and numbers never lie. 

S and I have a long weekend coming as Monday is a holiday for both of us and hopefully other communication channels would again open up. We’re supposed to go on a hike (or two), weather permitting. 

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