5th week 2017: Anniversary of first meeting 

This past week was the one year anniversary of my meeting S at a speed date event. If you’re still single and you want an adventure, try speed dating. It’s a place to meet a lot (15-20) of people at one event who you could possibly have an actual date with after the event. The lot of women I met that week a year ago were, for the most part, very interesting and each were different and had something interesting to talk about. So who knows, you possibly could find someone who clicks with you. 

Dating update…

No deep discussions this week as I think the deep conversations we had the week prior were enough. That’s the case for me anyway. Instead we did partake in a cooking date surrounded around the theme of Chinese New Year. It was a great date as we actually cooked with another couple. 

One thing that’s becoming more evident is that if we are out and away from her kids or family setting, S is not as intense. Maybe it’s because her guard is down. I’m just speculating as I didn’t ask her. And I probably won’t as I can already see that could be a touchy conversation topic. 

I did play nurse this past weekend as she wasn’t feeling well. Like a good boyfriend, I made her turmeric tea and took care of the cooking and chauffeuring her twins from their house to their friends house and back. It gave me time to spend with her younger son, who isn’t as bad if he’s not dealing with his mom.

I also made dinner for all of us while the kids studied for their finals, and S was sleeping off her cold. After dinner I cleaned up my mess in the kitchen while S dropped her younger son at a friend’s house to complete their final exam project for his marketing class. I don’t remember having marketing classes in high school. What kids are learning today are amazing and preparing them for the higher paying corporate jobs. 

Back in my day, the only preparation for adulthood was the home education class that I did not take as I had already leaned the basics of the kitchen from my mom and vocational programs like woodworking and auto mechanics. 

After S returned, I sat with her a few minutes before I started to pack and go home. Apparently she was shocked that I was leaving to go home as she thought I would spend the night and just head into the office in the morning. 

“I don’t remember committing to that,” I said. “We talked about it but I don’t remember saying that was the plan,” I continued. 

She came back, “we talked about it and you said you’d try it.” I guess trying it means “yes” in her mind. I guess I need to watch what I say and apparently confirm that she heard what I say. 

Just for the record, I’m not in that place where I’m ready to give up my personal living space at least for the next few years. I love living on my own and in my own space. 

Wonder how that conversation would go when I mention that to her as I think she’s progressing faster to the cohabitation land of whoa. I did agree, for the coming weekend, I’ll stay over on Sunday night and commute to work from her house Monday morning. I’m already dreading it as she lives an hour away. 

My cooking blog…

My new cooking blog will be official with my launch date on Wednesday, February 1st. I’m not spending any funds on marketing just yet and relying on the various social networks to increase traffic to my new site. Unfortunately I’m not adding the link here as this blog keeps my identity anonymous. By adding the link, I lose my anonymity. 

My triathlon training…

As I mentioned in a prior post, I’m still nursing my left knee back to health as I injured it on my ski trip in December. This is a definite detour from my cardio training. My doctor said that I can continue with hiking as long as I wear a knee brace for support but warned to not overtrain as I could prolong the healing. 

My biggest hurdle at this point is learning to swim as I’m not skilled in this area. I can’t seem to find an adult swim class and when I do, the class schedule does not fit my schedule. So if I can’t find a class soon, I’ll be forced to find a personal trainer. 

I found a sprint triathlon in July and also one in September which might be a bit cooler than I would like. I’m limiting my sprint triathlon to those where the swimming leg takes place in a swim center as I would rather swim in a pool instead of in a lake. This is just for my safety as there would be lots of eyes on me in a pool just in case I go under.

Have a great week and I’ll speak with you all soon. Stay safe online (and offline)…

#life #lifeasiknowit #lifeasithappens


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