7th week update

This past week was mainly focused on my personal projects which meant that my evenings were me being at home and working on my exit strategy from corporate life. 

Dating update…

Last Sunday, I had spent the night at S and commuted to work on Monday, which was an hour a way travel time. Since I hadn’t commuted from S’s house to work before, I was unfamiliar with traffic patterns and other possible obstacles that would have elongated the commute time. 

Fortunately, the commute was uneventful and I reached my office a little over an hour later but much earlier than I had been from my short drive from my own house. The drive from S’s house wasn’t as bad as I had imagined and it’s probably due to not many slower drivers encountered along the way. 

Because I focused on my personal projects for most of the week, my texting time with S during the week were shorter and my midweek S had sent a text indicating that she felt I were more distant and began questioning if we were okay, which of course made me roll my eyes literally and figuratively. Luckily this conversation happened over text and S were not physically there with me to see my eye rolling. 

“Are you that insecure?” I thought to myself. Of course I didn’t reply with that phrase as I’m positive that would have opened wider the apparently already partially opened Pandora’s box. Instead I replied, “I think we’re fine”, which was truly how I felt about our place in our relationship. After a few more confirmation texts were exchanged, she admitted her active imagination were driving her insecurities about us. 

Hmmm…another personality trait to ponder. I like an independent woman who’s strong and secure in her own space. This incident gives me a little more pause and added it to my mental list of observations to consider should I decide to continue to the next level of whatever this is. 

Food blog project…

I refocused the rest of the week back to my personal projects with the goal of reaching a stopping point by Thursday night as the coming weekend were full of activities with S starting Friday night and going through to Sunday with me spending Sunday night again at S’s house, which meant another long commute on Monday morning. 

The prior week when I was feeling experimental in the kitchen, I had cooked seven dishes that were perfect for my food blog. I picked five of those dishes for posting on my food blog.

I’ve completed about six previous blog posts and I’ve finally got a semblance of a process that’s somewhat streamlined. Instead of 20+ hours to get one blog out (or scheduled), the process is only taking about 10 or so hours for one. I’m not just taking the pictures and videos, but I’m also writing the story that includes the background and how the dish originated. I’m also producing the mini movies by connecting all the interactive individual cooking / prepping videos as well as finding the right background music and finally the voice dubbing that gets overlaid on top. 

Maybe by doing the five dishes from last week all together, the process would be even faster. 

Another project…

Now that the food blogging is officially launched and it’s just a requirement of operational sustainability, I’ve begun working on another personal project that is in the same vein and focus for me exiting the corporate world. This one I’m equally passionate about, and I know this is a teaser, but I’ll reveal more of it as it moves along to its launch. 

Personal thoughts…

As you may have gathered by my prior posting, I live a very comfortable lifestyle and I would like to continue living the same lifestyle when I leave the normal 9 to 5 ‘working to live’, “everybody’s doing it” rat race. In order to do that, I have got to put in extra time to build up that infrastructure to support my accustomed lifestyle. 

I am also a big believer that your household should have multiple streams of income regardless if your partnered with someone domestically or if you’re a single individual as myself. I’ve had this philosophy since I was a teenager. I know I’m weird, but I feel it’s hedging against the inevitable where something would happen to your primary source of income, which then puts tremendous stress on finding a new source of income.

Could I monetize my food blog? That’s my eventual goal, but I’ve got to lay down the foundation and establish credibility. The same for my next projects that I’ve got lined up to undertake this year, and the following years. I find as I continue to learn (even at my age), I need to reinvent myself. 

When I do leave the corporate life, my goal is to have three to five streams of income which combined would not only equal my current intake, but surpass it tenfold. 

Until next time, stay safe online as well as offline…

#life, #lifeasithappens #lifeasiknowit


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