Week 15: Easter weekend 

The week drudgery came quickly on Monday morning as I settled into my desk at work with my special Dutch Brothers latte in hand and not in the least ready to begin any work. The only saving grace was that it was quiet as the majority of the surrounding cubes near mine were not yet occupied by their masters, and the ones that had beat me into work were also busy doing their Monday work before being pulled in many directions. 

I’ll fast forward to the weekend as the rest of the week were much like any other week with ever changing agendas and fires that surfaced and needed to be reviewed and prioritized. That was my weekly and most times daily routine and the worst part is the accomplishments were nothing tangible. 

I was talking to Chad during the week (actually it was a bitch session for both of us) and we both concluded our jobs had nothing substantial to provide other than keeping the big corporate wheels turning. There was nothing in our work lives that really mattered – I mean, our jobs didn’t really help the homeless or provided aid to someone who really needed it. We were in software development and specifically in big data (and yes that’s as boring as it sounds). 

Fast forward to Friday…

S’s youngest son was playing in a tennis meet with their school’s rival. I was supposed to cook for both teams but the weather turned on the last minute causing the cooking to be postponed to a more weather friendly day. It turned out as it should, as although I didn’t cook, the weather held out for us to see his tennis team play. 

The next morning I was supposed to leave around 9am and work in my pet project, but schedules between me and the folks I were to meet with didn’t work out. S had an event she was attending with friends, so plan B was invoked and I worked on my pet project (via phone and internet) anyway, which was great as I was able to move forward with my implementation and planning out the next steps while S did her thing. 

Around lunch time, I took a break and took her daughter to her friend’s house where they would go to a pre-season soccer match. I abandoned my pet project for the rest of the weekend as S had returned from her morning event of wine tasting with her friends. I was totally fine not going as I’d rather work on progressing through my pet project that would eventually lead to my exodus from corporate life – or so I’m hoping. 

That afternoon her younger son was playing in another tennis meet close to my house in a town called Forest Grove, OR. S wasn’t planning to go because her son told her not to. 

Now I’m not a family therapist, but that screamed, “Mom please come watch me play!” I persuaded S to go and I would eat the frog for both of us and work on her backyard project, which consisted of finishing up the pavers that lined the parameter of her backyard, and if time permitted I would begin working on the garden water feature, and outdoor BBQ kitchen. 

Growing up my mother and father worked and weren’t able to go see me play in sports or other school events. S is blessed with a schedule and profession she has that allows her to watch her children participate in their various sporting events. 

Long story short, she went and saw her younger son win his match, which would be something she wouldn’t have seen if she went with her first instinct of not going. 

Easter Sunday egg hunt…

I woke up early on Easter Sunday to get a jump start in my yard project. Now I know you might be judging me as I should be at church worshipping on this Christian holiday, but I stopped attending church many years ago not that I’m not a believer, but I’d rather not associate with “religious” folks. You know those folks who act Christlike on church days and then live their alter lives the rest of the week. I still talk to the man upstairs daily and sometimes many throughout the day. Again I’m a believer, not religious. 

As I’m working in the yard, it was quiet and peaceful and was able to get a few of the remaining pavers on the walking path laid and set before S bounded out to request my help in hiding eggs for her teenage kids. 

Now last year, I witnessed a very unholy Easter day when S and her younger son had a screaming match, which caused her twins to hate that event and vowed they would never hunt eggs on Easter again. I guess traditions are hard to break and they partook on the annual event again this year. 

After helping hide the eggs and other gifts throughout the backyard, the kids came out and hunted. This year was thankfully different in that the three didn’t come out at the same time. The twins came out first and her youngest came out shortly afterwards. There was peace among the kids as they each found their designated colored plastic eggs filled with similar surprises. I’m not sure if it were planned so that the three weren’t hunting eggs at the same time or it was just fate. Either case, there wasn’t the verbal screaming match, but rather a peaceful hunt and a peaceful inspection of the prizes awarded as each plastic egg were opened. 

Shortly after the egg hunt ended, S and her daughter went out as I continued to work in the yard. Her oldest went to work and her younger son stayed home and did whatever he was doing. 

Easter dinner…

S returned with groceries to make Easter dinner. Unlike last year, I didn’t help her with the cooking as she wanted my focus to be her backyard projects, which have to be completed before her May party and her older son’s graduation party in June. I was more than pleased to stay out of that as last year the dinner prep was on me as they did whatever they were doing. 

Dinner wasn’t as stressful this year as fighting between S and her parents weren’t as intense. I think her father and mother hates the tension and bit their tounge as conversations arose during the dinner table.  Maybe one day (if I stay with S) we could have a nice holiday / family dinner without any issues or infighting. I really miss my family gatherings as we don’t have this tension, especially over meals. 

Personal thoughts…

Family has always been first in my upbringing no matter if there were infighting, we put away the bickering and supported one another without any pause. Maybe this is due to my Asian upbringing as I don’t understand why my friends of non-Asian descent only care about themselves. I’m sure that’s not all the cases and no way am I making a blanket assumption about non-Asian cultures, it’s just the families that I have known growing up and what I’ve seen in S’s family. 

I’m very fortunate and blessed to have a strong family tie with my siblings and my mother. If I didn’t, I might have the same view as what I’m witnessing with S. 

Until my next post, stay safe online as well as offline. 

#life #lifeasiknowit #lifeasithappens


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