#219 (out of storage unit)

It’s only a month later than I had originally planned but as of Sunday, I’m finally out of my storage unit. That’s a savings of a little more than $2800 a year. 

Unfortunately, since I’ve moved the items into my garage I have now have no room to actually park my car. So now my Beamer sits outside in the weather. I guess I’ve got a new incentive to get the suspended shelving up in my garage as the longer it doesn’t get completed, the longer my sports car sits in the Pacific Northwest winter weather. 

I’m also incentivized to sell off some things I no longer need like a bow flex, an antique iron bed, some tires, a portable air conditioner, and a pair of 10-speed bicycles just to name a few things. My son tells me to list them on Craigslist. But I’ve not done that before so hopefully it’ll work out that I sell all the unnecessary items. 

My goal is to have these no longer needed items gone by the end of the year. I wonder if that’s even possible.

Wish me luck!!

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#198 (not enough time)

All last week, I made myself leave work at a decent, normal time so that I could finish my home projects. I need to complete my garage storage project. Well that was the plan. But of course that didn’t happen. I left work late most every night and consequently did not work on my garage storage project. 

Two weeks prior, I completed the lagging in of the 2×4 boards that act as cleats from where the shelving units would be suspended. I still had three units to hang. 

Multiple projects syndrome 

As with my work life, my home life also consists of many project in varying stages. Other than the ongoing storage project, I also had a potluck luncheon on Friday. Wednesday and Thursday nights were used partly for preparing my contribution to the luncheon. I decided I would make the same item I made last year – my BBQ wings.  Those were simple to make and need to marinate for at least a day, then smoke them on the day of the luncheon. Easy peasy…

No time for my projects…

This past weekend, I spent it with S so did not work on my home projects. So maybe I’ll be able to complete or at least continue. 

On thing I promised myself is to not start on any other project until the garage storage is completed. 

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#194 (suspended storage shelving project continues)

Its been a few weeks since I started the suspended shelving garage storage project. I’ve been too busy at work during the week that I’ve been averaging 12 hours throughout the weekdays leaving little to no time in keeping my house let alone any additional work. As part of my OCD tendencies, things have to be put out of the way and not cluttered before I can work on other projects. 

OCD but multi tasker 

Although I must have all things in its place, I’m able to have multiple projects occurring in parallel as long as I can ensure all the clutter and mess caused by the multiple threaded projects is removed as a stopping point is reached. 

That’s why the suspended shelving project in my garage has spanned several weeks. As I approached the end of the allotted time, I have to bake in the clean up effort and time to put my tools back where they belong. I cannot leave them out. 

Cleansing and organizing…what a rush

This past Sunday, I devoted a very small part of my day to continuing the suspended storage shelving. It was Sunday so not much motivation to push hard. But I did complete the lagging in of one of the last 2×4 cleats where the suspended shelving would hang. Although I didn’t get much of the shelving project completed it’s still progress. As my high school football coach told me “you win by gaining every inch you reach.” So the adding of one of the final 2×4 cleat gets me closer to completing the garage storage project. 

Storage unit required for another month 

Lagging in the last 2×4 cleat, hanging the three remaining shelving units, and organizing the seasonal decorations into each suspended unit will wait until I can get to that step in the process. Next month I’ll have to retain the storage unit and dole out another $200. 

Poof into the air my money goes…

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#192 (that’s gotta go!)

The month of my one year anniversary of being in my new home is here. I gave myself until the end of the month to be completely out of my storage unit. 

Of course, nothing bad would actually happen if I didn’t. It’s just a $200 a month I would be saving instead of giving it to a storage company. So I guess the incentive is $2400 a year back in my retirement / investment account. 

Should I bring everything home?

No! That would be crazy of me. But my mental clock is ticking and running out days to unload the items still in storage. Or that’s my initial thought. On the other hand, I guess I could. I have no one to tell me, “No you cannot bring that into my home!”  


So part of the goal is to also sell off things that I really don’t need or want anymore. Take for example my bow flex. I’ve probably used that machine a few weeks in the five years I’ve had it. Worse thing is I’ve moved it twice already. It’s traveled with me to a townhouse after my house that I owned with me ex was sold. Then it traveled from my townhouse to my current house I’m buying and sits upstairs collecting dust. I was crazy to have my movers move it upstairs and reassemble the damn thing. It’s got to go!

I also have two 10-speed bicycles. One is a schwinn and the other is a huffy, which I bought in a garage sale thinking I would fix up. Yeah right! Then I go and buy me a road bicycle a few months ago because I wanted more than ten speeds. Both my old bicycles got to go!!

I just lost my garage…

I’ll have to bring them home and temporarily store things in my garage and living space as I SELL them off on Craigslist. Oh crap! I’m a closet hoarder!!!!

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#185 (football and DIY)

The kids were back home and S and I were in bed by 1AM. She set her alarm for 6:30am to be ready for her girlfriend trip the next morning. My plans were to go back to my house and work on my own house projects. The one I need to finish is the overhead garage storage that is suspended from the ceiling. 

I debated on staying at S’s house as there were a house full of kids. I guess her kids were okay and accustomed to having their mother do things with her adult friends and leaving them to fend for themselves. They are teenagers so I guess that’s okay. I mean when I was a teenager I remember not wanting to do things with my parents.  

I debated on staying to be the adult in the house, but I’m not sure I’m mentally there yet. If I had stayed, I would have made the kids breakfast before I took off for my house. 

But I didn’t and left the same time as S did, which as about 7:30am. I was back home around 9am after stopping off to get breakfast and collecting my mail from my PO box. 

I decided to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game on TV. I typically don’t watch them as when I do they lose. My superstition is to not watch them but only to check out the score every now and then. However since I was wearing Pittsburgh Steelers black and gold, I ignored my rule and watched them. Luckily they didn’t lose. 

Prior to turning on the ballgame, I negotiated with myself that I would work on my suspended storage shelving after the game. Staying true to my promise I resumed my garage storage project and nearly completed lagging in the support beams that are to hold the suspended shelving. 

I called it quits by 7:30pm. I’ll need a few hours more to complete the installation…

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#183 (project list)

There’s a difference in the way S identifies and prioritizes her house projects than I would. For me, what I see daily needs to be cleaned and functional before other areas of my house takes priority. As an example, my bedroom and master suite needs to be tidy and clutter free. This is the same for my kitchen, my living / dining rooms, and my bathrooms. It must be my mom’s upbringing that instilled this behavior. 

For S, her priorities were not her main living areas. Her first priority was her garage. It’s no shock her kitchen, her bathrooms, her living and dining rooms were always cluttered. Her master bedroom is huge but you can’t tell as she has piles of clothes (not sure if they are clean or dirty), piles of shoes, and other piles of things she hasn’t touched since I was there last. I’m tempted to clean up her room, but I’m sure she’ll freak out as she’ll not know where things are…not that she knows where things are now. 

For this past Saturday, one of her projects were to have shelving up above her overflow fridge in her garage. Now last week we removed the overhead cabinets. She also planned to finish painting her upstairs office, and to weed her front flower bed, and somehow get time to see the new Magnificent 7 movie. 

I woke up early Saturday and got myself ready as S slept in. After she got raady, we ate breakfast out, and then ventured to the local home improvement store and bought the shelving. We had a hearty breakfast and we both felt sleepy after breakfast while we were shopping for her garage shelving project. I worked through the lethargic feeling and found my second wind. Apparently, S couldn’t recover and decided to nap when we got back to her house. 

I started on the shelving and realized we didn’t buy the braces to hold up the shelving. So back to the home improvement store I go alone. She apparently woke and discovered I wasn’t there as the text I received while at the store read: “where are you?”  

I texted her that I had to get the braces we didn’t buy in our previous trip to the home improvement store. She actually called and informed she was going to drop some items off at Goodwill and asked if I wanted to go. I told her, “you can go as I want to get the shelving project completed.” 

I already knew the list of projects for today would not get completed as she was doing things not on the list. “Oh well,” I thought, “it’s not my house , but I’m determined to get my list of things done.”

The other things on my list was to hang her stained glass window, which was an item from three or four weeks prior when her sister was visiting, and winter proofing the irrigation system. 

When I got back to her house, her car was in the drive, but I didn’t go looking for her. I continued and completed the shelving project. I was done about an hour later, which was around 1:30PM. 

Next on my list was hanging her stained glass window. I previously bought open hooks that screwed into the top window frame. It only took 5 minutes, if that, to complete that task. S was on the phone talking to somebody. Didn’t bother me any but another confirmation that her list would not get completed. My project #2 was done. On to my third project for the day. 

This past summer, I created a temporary irrigation system to water her raised vegetable garden as well as her front flower beds. The temporary irrigation system had battery powered valves that controlled when and how long water was to flow. It worked well and kept the two zones watered during the warm summer months. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t need year round irrigation system as the wet season starts late September and ends in June the following year. Thus a temporary irrigation system does the job nicely. 

I disconnected the brains of the watering system and removed the batteries from the water pumps. Project #3 done. It was now a few minutes after 2PM.

I reminded S it was 2pm and it was time to get ready for the movie. She disappeared upstairs to shower and change into non weekend work clothes. 

As for S’s projects, the upstairs painting wasn’t started, but she did begin the preparation of her deck for winter. Basically she removed the cushions from her patio furniture and stacked them. She didn’t cover them which means they would require cleaning in the spring as I’m sure the green moss will grow on them during the wet months ahead. I thought to myself, “Oh well, that’s another project in the spring!”

S was showered and dressed by 2:30. But she then started cooking for dinner as she was thinking that she needed to cook something for her kids. I thought to myself, “What?!”

Well of course we were late to the movie…

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#175 (the storage project – part 2)

Well now that I realized the rafters ran parallel to the wall, I had to install the cross beams on same wall where of the garage door opens and closes. Not a problem. Yeah right!

As most houses, there are some things that make you scratch your head and rhetorically ask yourself, “why would they build it like that?” You see I would imagine that there would be a rafter where the walls and the ceiling meets. But no! That’s too logical. 

My original design called for three lag screws for each of the four foot cross planks. Maybe it’s overkill, but I really don’t want the shelving to fall. Well it turns out, I could not attach the the third lag screw as there was nothing to secure it to where the walls and ceiling meet. 

After tightly securing the other two lags through the cross beam plank, the 3/4″ dry wall, and into the rafter, I did a pull test. Although there were only two lag screws, the plank did not budge. Each hanging shelving unit requires two planks. I measure out 45″ from the center of the newly installed plank. That would be the center of the second plank. 

The installation of the second plank went much smoother and quicker than the first plank. Four hours into the project, I had two planks installed. Whoop whoop! I’m only two hours behind my original estimate. 

Looking at the pictures, I installed the first post into the plank, then the second went, the the stabilizing bar that attaches to the two posts. Yeah! One side hung. Another 30 minutes, I had the two remaining posts hung and the stabilizing bar attached. 

Another 30 minutes, I had the 3-piece base attached between the two stabilizing bars. The final screws were tightened and the storage shelving was ready for the items that would lead be there. The lucky items are my crab pots and the associated rigging. 

One ‘ready to hang’ unit up…6 more to go…

This one unit took nearly six hours from design to actually storing my crabbing equipment. So the other 6 will get installed piecemeal as I find the time…but hopefully before my one year anniversary of owning my home. 

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#174 (the storage project – part 1)

It’s been almost a year since I bought my house. Well it’s 11 months but who’s counting. I promised myself to be out of my storage unit within one year from the date I bought my house. After all it’s just me and I now have a garage and a 3 bedroom house. “It’s time!” I told myself to get out of the storage unit. 

However, before I could completely be out of my storage unit, I’ll need to install storage shelving or some other holding area at my house. “But where?” I asked myself. Entered the unused space in the ceiling of the garage. It’s a big enough area to hold bins and other lesser used and seasonal items. 

A few months back, I purchased ‘ready to hang’ metal shelving. What I didn’t realize, or better to say, I didn’t plan it out too carefully was how I needed to install these hanging storage units. 

As you’ve probably guessed, (if you’ve been following me) I buy things then I have to contemplate how it’s going to be used, or in this case, how I’m going to install them. 

I decided to start putting up these shelving units this past Saturday and after reading the instructions, well who am I kidding? I mean after I’ve looked at the pictures of how to install, I began the process. In my head I calculated it would take a couple of hours. 

But…did I mention that the shelving unit had to be fastened to the rafters in my garage. Here’s some basic thing to know about rafters. The are typically set 16″ or 24″ apart from each other. My square shelving unit measures 45 inches on each side. There is no way I can install this unit without engineering some cross beam as the spread between any two rafters would not provide the support to hold my shelving unit. In other words, if I screwed two of the posts into a rafter, the other two posts would hit open air. 

Ah…yes you’re correct again! A trip to the local hardware store is required to complete the hanging of this obviously incongruent ‘ready to hang’ garage ceiling shelving unit that by itself cannot be installed. I wonder if the company gets a kickback with the lumber industry. 

I drew out my design on paper. Well you got me again. I drew out my design on a couple of pink post it notes. That took about an hour as I measured several times. The adage measure twice cut once is a life saver. 

My design called, four 2×4 pieces of lumber in 8 foot sections, some lag screws, and some washers. I found good straight 2×4 pine boards relatively fast. After some additional designing (in the screws and fasteners aisle), I ended on purchasing a box of 5/8 lag screws that were 3-1/2″ long and washers for the lag screws. I also bought a new stud finder because I leant out my old one and never got it back from the person I leant it to. 

My design called for the 2×4 wood plank to fit up where the wall of my garage meets up with the ceiling.  However the full 8 foot 2×4 lumber won’t fit in that space because of the metal support beams for the garage door railing. Per my design, I cut the 2x4x8 in half. 

Well…it’s funny what confidence does. It kicks you in the pants. My design assumed the rafters were perpendicular to the wall where the plank was to be screwed. It wasn’t! The rafters ran parallel. Maybe I should have purchased (and used) the stud finder before designing the solution…

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#165 (too much stuff)

It’s amazing how much stuff gets accumulated in only a few short years. Now when I was newly separated from my last wife, I purged a lot of stuff and downsized. I got rid of lots of things from old clothes, furnishings, and other household knickknacks. I kept what I thought to be the minimum I needed. I went from nearly a 2600 sf house to a townhouse less than 1500 sf. So I had to purge.  

My now ex wife only took some of the furniture and left the unwanted pieces. When we sold our house, some of the ugly, “what was I thinking” purchases went to charity and the ones I still liked went into storage. Only things I kept were yard tools like a rake, wheelbarrow and other garden tools as well as antique furniture pieces that would become part of my decor again once I purchased my new to me house. That was my plan at the time (which was about three years ago). 

I’ve since bought my house (last October), and new furnishings like a dining table, sofa, and love seat. I pulled most of the antique furniture from the storage unit to fill in the 1900 sf new to me home. After three years of being single, I’ve somehow accumulated a house full of stuff and need to purge again. 

Now although my home decor looks good, I’m finding I still purchase other items to make it even homier. I need to learn to purge when I buy new stuff. 

Worse part is I still have items in storage that I haven’t touched in three years…

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DIY: Garage Storage (planning to go vertical)

Another project for this summer is to install hanging storage shelving in my garage. I had installed hanging shelf units in my previous house and they turned out to be very handy for keeping my nonessential and/or seasonal items stored close for easy access, but yet out of the way. It’s also cheaper than paying for a storage unit. 

Since I’ve only been in my new to me house since October of last year (2015), I still have items in a storage unit. And if you’re thinking, “You must be paying a pretty penny every month”, you’re right! Thus my hanging storage shelves project. 

 Since I’ve had so much luck with Home Depot lately (Not!), I’m strongly debating against the big box store. But that means I’ll pay more for the same or similar device at a local supply store. I don’t like the idea either of paying more for an item readily available. Specialty items are different, but shelving units should be standard across the board. 

Damn! I just talked myself into buying at the big box store. Fine! Home Depot or Lowes, let’s see what you have for inventory…

But here’s some sage wisdom…

Measure the space before going so you know what you’ll need. Guess who didn’t do that and returned with nothing because he didn’t measure the overhead clearance in his garage space first. If you’ve read my other DIY posts, that person I’ve referenced is yours truly. 

Measuring the distance from the ceiling to the top of the garage door railing, in my case, the hanging storage space could have a max of 36 inches and collectively could span across the garage a max of 22 feet. 

The other thing to consider, or at least that’s what I’m considering is the design of the storage space. Does it only need to go across the garage above the garage door, or does it need to wrap around either side (or both). 

 So other than only going back to the big box store the second time to shop and “physically take possession”. I also need to stop by my storage unit and calculate and plan out the amount of suspended shelving I need…

More to come as I’m sure there will be many lessons learned…

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