#195 (lazy rainy day)

Can you believe I’ve never seen the original Star Wars movie. You know the one made in the late 70s. After working six days straight and most of the night on Friday last week, I decided just to veg and watch a movie before I worked on my garage project-you know the one that’s been ongoing for several weeks. It was still early morning so I started searching the list of movies available on my cable subscription. 

TV and cable are for lazy people…

I was perusing the list of free movies and found the Star Wars series. Since everyone has told me to watch Star Wars, I thought, “what the heck, why not?” After all it was still early in the morning on Sunday. And as you know, Sundays are my lazy days. 

I know there are lots of Star Wars fans, but I don’t get such the hype. Again I apologize if I offend those that think so highly of the first movie. I guess the technology back then was state of the art but can the lasers be more fake. 

Two hours later…

Of course I didn’t switch to watch anything else and wound up watching the entire movie. By the end, my opinion did not change. It was still a cheesy movie with the fake laser beams. I guess the story plot was okay with the fight between good and evil, but isn’t that most plots of popular movies. Take for example the Matrix series which story is about the fight between good and evil. 

After the movie, I continued with my lazy day and watched my favorite football team lose, and my second favorite football team end their game in a tie overtime play. 

Oh every day should be lazy Sundays…

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#184 (movie and chauffeuring teenagers)

We arrived at the movie theater about 5 minutes after the movie The Magnificent Seven started. S loves to arrive early to see the previews. Well she says she does. However, of the four movies we’ve seen together, we’ve always been late and have missed the previews. So maybe it’s her wish and not a reality for her. 

The movie was great. Full of drama and enough comical moments to provide the emotional up and down ride. If you haven’t scene this movie, I highly recommend it and is worth the premium price. It’s has a good story line and would actually see it a second time in the theater – but I won’t because I’m a cheap ass. 

The movie ended around 5:30 and we changed our focus to her teenagers needs. Her daughter is on the leadership committee of her sophomore student body and was at school preparing for the events that were to occur later that night. 

S and I stopped of at the grocery store where she withdrew cash from the ATM for her kids and picked up some few items to complete the dinner she started prior to leaving for the movie. 

We reached her house and immediately received a phone call from her daughter that she was ready to be picked up from school. We quickly left and collected her. Her daughter saw me in my car and pulled out her drivers permit while gleefully mouthing as we approached her, “can I drive home?”  

I pulled up, exited the driver side, and S moved to the back seat behind the front passenger seat. I entered the front passenger seat while S’s daughter slid into the driver’s seat. Her daughter pulled out and drove us out of the high school parking lot as a group of her friends witnessed her behind the steering wheel. The smile on S’s daughter’s face was priceless. 

We reached their house and S and I resumed the cooking of dinner. More children arrived. This set of boys were friends of her youngest son. We finished cooking dinner and fed the five kids and ourselves. 

Her daughter needed to be back at the high school by 7PM to finish setting up for the homecoming dance. The boys also were to be at the school and needed to be taken around 7:30. However, S was in no mood to chauffeur them back and forth. I said I’ll take her daughter and then we can take her son and his friends later. I was vetoed on the second run but I did take her daughter to school while S stayed home with the boys. S’s daughter drove us back to her school in my car. As I turned on the street heading back to the house I saw the boys walking. I would have taken them but I was in my car and wouldn’t be able to take all of them. 

I got back to the house and S was lounging on the sofa. Dishes were piled in the sink and the pots and pans used in making dinner were still on the stove. I immediately do what I would do if it were my kitchen and began cleaning up dinner. Housework is never done…and it’s not even my house…

About 45 minutes later, I had the dishwasher loaded, her good knives washed, the cookware washed and drying, and her glass stove top sparking clean. 

I joined her on the couch and watched TV as we waited for her children to call for their rides home…

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#135 (new ghost busters movie)

I’m usually not a big fan in watching movies in theaters mainly because of the cost. But it was date night with S and we decided to see a movie. The movie that worked best for our schedule was the new Ghostbusters movie. 

If you’ve seen one ghostbuster movie, you’ve basically seen them all. This one wasn’t any different. The twist was instead of the four ghost busting men and a lady receptionist this version were four ghost busting women and a male receptionist. 

Now there were funny lines in the movie but the story line was relatively the same as the originals. This version actually combined both of the previous ghostbuster movies into a single movie where you had a portrait, a building that acted as the channel for bringing in ghosts, big ghost in the end, and the reverse of the channel to send the ghosts back to the dimension that came from. 

Cameos of the original cast members were imbedded through out the movie, which a nice touch.

S and I gave it two thumbs down.

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