#140 (triathlon training bike ride)

It’s been years that I’ve been on a bicycle. Actually it’s been over 10 years since I’ve ridden a bicycle for a distance more than just around the neighborhood. Since I purchased my road bike a few months ago, I’ve only practiced clipping in and out, which I highly recommend before you actually take a ride, even around your neighborhood. Primarily for safety but secondarily so that you don’t look foolish falling because you can’t get your shoe out of your clips. 

After many practices of clipping in and out, I was ready for my first training ride. S and I planned a short training ride on some country roads where vehicle traffic were minimal. S doesn’t like riding in heavily traveled roads, which was fine with me. Since I wasn’t familiar with the route, S led most of the way. I felt badly as the lead rider does most of the work. If we do this route again, I’ll definitely lead and she can lag. 

The route was beautiful with rolling hills and views of farmland where some farmers were out working their fields. We even stopped and picked some blackberries growing wild along the roadside. It was great enjoying the fresh off the vine berry refreshments. 

I did experience an issue with one of my clips where my right foot was not fully engaged as I was taking a hill. It’s quite difficult to peddle up a hill with only one shoe clipped in. After catching up with S, she helped me adjust how I clipped in and out. The clip on my right shoe were slightly askew which required a different and awkward angle. It wasn’t that big of an angle but it’s enough to feel awkward. 

After readjusting the position of clipping in, I had no more issues for the rest of the training ride. I also learned I’ll definitely need to buy new shoes and possibly new clips. Great learnings for my first training ride. 

Summary of ride

  • Distance: 11.5 miles
  • Road conditions: rolling paved country roads
  • Elevation: 500 feet 
  • Weather: sunny with a slight north wind 
  • Elapsed time: 90 minutes with one rest


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#126 (first time kayaking)

In all my life until a few days ago, I’ve never been kayaking. I know you’re saying “What?” But it’s true. This transplanted 51 years old Texan had never been on a kayak mainly because I’m also not a very good swimmer and not fond of water sports. Never had. That is until a few days ago. 

At the resort where I rented the “treehouse”, which was actually a cabin, there was also a very tiny marina where they rented kayaks and paddle boards. So S and I decided we’d go on my very first adventure of kayaking. 

I was outfitted with a personal floating device, which in the old days we called a life preserver. I think I like the new name better as it’s less shocking especially for those of us who haven’t done many water activities or water sports. 

The lake we were on was relatively flat as we set out from the marina. We were instructed to stay close to shore and informed them we would most likely take an hour. The owner said , “they’ll keep an eye out for us” as she helped us onto our water vessels. S was on the paddle board and I was in a kayak. The kayak I was given to use was the type that sat on top of the water. It was very easy to maneuver and I felt safe that it wouldn’t easily tip over. 

The scenery from our water vessels were incredible and we were able to view things that couldn’t be seen from a hike. Marine life such as small jellyfish and sea plants were abundant and plentiful closer to the shoreline. 

The waters remained calm with a very slight chop as we rounded a bend and headed more inland. On return trip back to the marina, S thought it was harder paddling back as we now were facing a slight breeze. I thought it was easier but then again I was in a kayak and she was on a paddle board. 

Being on the water in a kayak was a great experience and one that I would repeat again. Next time I’ll bring my camera. We had a great time and I highly recommend going out on a kayak if you’ve never done it. 

Maybe next time I’ll try the paddle board…

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#125 (hiking Dungeness Spit)

There is a small city in Washington state that lays claim to the nations longest spit aptly known as the Dungeness Spit. Now what exactly is a spit. I learned a spit is a solid land mass created by nature from sand and other debris such as rocks, shells, and etc. and is formed over time by the ocean which literally “spits” these items into a massive pile. Not that I’m an expert but that’s what the placards say. 

The Dungeness Spit Trail is a 10.2 mile trail that features a lighthouse and is primarily used for hiking, camping, and horseback riding (although none were spotted the day we hiked).  

The entrance to the spit is via the Dungeness Recreation Area. There is a nominal fee to enter the national park and there are signage to not remove any of the rocks, driftwood, or other items from the spit.

Be sure to allow more time as most of the trail is on sandy soil and thus hiking is slower than walking on normal solid ground. 

The trail starts off near the restrooms and is paved. The pavement continues until the ocean comes into view where it then becomes a dirt and gravel path which continues down to the beach where it then transitions to a sandy path. Once you hit the beach, it’s all sand. 

I only had a couple of hours and was able to go half way before I had to turn back. It’s a beautiful and flat hike with lots of opportunities to find driftwood and various colored rocks. You might even find an agate or two. 

The next time I return to Sequim, WA I’ll complete this trail and reach the lighthouse.

Hike #7 summary:

  • place: Dungeness Spit in Sequim, WA
  • miles hiked: 5 miles
  • trail type: in and back
  • elevation change: 181′
  • weather: sunny with a slight breeze
  • temp: middle to high 60s 
  • hiking time: 2 hours because we stopped and made a cairn 

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#113 (first timbers game)

Growing in the southern part of Texas in the 70’s through the 90’s, soccer or global football was not a sport that was popular or in a sport I participated. In my junior and high school years, American football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and even volleyball were the sports I played. So going to my first ever professional soccer game would be a new experience. I’ve semi watched them on tv if I were in a place that had a game on but again since it wasn’t a sport I grew up with, I was indifferent. 

As a fun date and because S was a big soccer fan, she decided it was time for me to experience a live game. Our tickets were in the general admission area which is also the same seating area where the Timbers Army sat. 

The Timbers Army is the wild and crazy group of fans that creates the energy in the seats and spreads it throughout the whole stadium. We sat towards the edge of this rowdy group. S was against the wall and I was next to her. 

As traditional with all sporting events the national anthem is sung. As the national anthem started to play, the Army was already at work with traditional wand like movement of the scarves and their orchestrated and coordinated uttering of “swish” as the scarves were flung forward. It wasn’t chaotic but amazingly and stunningly uniformed. 

The singer and the Army sang together, “…And the rockets red glare…swish!…The bombs bursting in air…swish!” This exchange went on throughout the whole national anthem. 

Also traditional everyone would stand as the nations anthem was sung. The Army stood the entire game. They also sang nonstop. The only time they were not standing and singing were during the intermission. 

When the Timbers scrored, their mascot “Timber Joey” who is a regular outdoorsman cuts off a piece of a huge log. Also smoke bombs were lit, flags are flown, and confetti flying. 

Words cannot describe the experience. So if you’re ever in Portland or if you haven’t been to a soccer (football) game, you should add it to your bucket list. 

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