Let the Waters Flow Through My Kitchen Faucet (Part 5 of 5)

It only took about one full days time, a couple emotional breakdowns, several cups of coffee, and a half tank of gas (probably not an exaggeration), to finally complete the installation my new kitchen faucet with no leaks. 

The final test was if I can wash a big item in a more efficient manner. Remember that was the problem I was trying to solve after discovering how difficult it was to wash my pots and pans (or other large items) with the short faucet. 

 I guess I could have gone through the pain of the washing difficulties, which would have been less frustrating than the changing of the faucet and the pipe fittings.

But after looking at my new faucet compared to the original, and being able to wash out my large wine carafe under the spigot with ease,  I’m glad I did. 

Bring in the next plumbing project! “Wait, I was just kidding!”

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Why Is Plumbing A Kitchen Faucet So Hard (Part 4 of 5)

Do it yourself home update projects can be fun and satisfying…after all the work is complete. 

Allow me to introduce the twins in updating any part of a home. Demolition (removing the old) and Installation (putting in the new). Demolition is usually fun since you get to break and smash things. 

However that’s not what you want to happen when your working with plumbing – in this case I’m replacing the kitchen faucet. Like I mentioned in a separate post, plumbing is my least favorite of home projects.  

“Hmm…Why in the world am I working on plumbing projects,” I wondered. 

Before removing the old faucet (and I can’t stress this enough) measure the distance between the source of the water to where it meets the faucet line. If you don’t (which guess who didn’t) you’ll find yourself going back and forth to the local home improvement store. 

After my 2nd round trip from my house to the hardware store and back to my house, I finally have all the tools and supplies needed to replace the kitchen faucet. Hmm…maybe I should change my blog name to ‘Did I Do That?’ or maybe ‘Oops! That’s Not Right

 I gave myself 4 hours to get the old faucet off and the new faucet on and in proper working order (which means no leaks). This estimate was based on my “semi-professional weekend warrior plumber” experience. Ha! What a hoot!

Every project estimate should include a buffer and should also include time for eating and coffee breaks, and time for removing the frustration that comes with plumbing repairs. The latter rule is meant especially for me. 

Total time so far has been almost 7 hours which includes the 3rd and 4th trips back and forth to the hardware store. It turns out that plumbing fittings that came with the new, replacement faucets won’t fit into the existing fittings. Now I have to figure out how to marry the two. Don’t you just love plumbing! 

Back to the hardware store…

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