6th Week: Sunday (Easter dinner) 

Since the weather wasn’t cooperating, we moved the cooking of the seafood boil into her garage. One thing to note: be sure to have the garage door open as the burn off from the propane gas burner needs to be vented. 

I started the boil about 2:30pm thinking it would be enough time to have everything done by 3:30. What I hadn’t realized was it takes a while for 20 quarts of water to come to a rolling boil. So one thing to adjust for my big party is to allow time to get the water boiling for my big 40 quart cooker. 

About 3pm, the water started to come to a rolling boil. Another ten minutes later I started to add the first of many ingredients.  

At this point her mom and dad arrived and that’s when I noticed a change in my special lady friend’s body language. I read in her a tension that wasn’t there the first time I met her parents. But then again, the setting was at a sporting event. It’s interesting to learn about families and the dynamics of the family unit. We all have skeletons in the family closets and it looked like one of the skeletons would reveal itself tonight. 

Her father was carrying a roasting pan with the Easter ham. He paused a few moments to say hello and then went through the garage to take the ham inside the kitchen. Her mom was a quick step behind her husband but lingered with me in the garage. After dropping off the ham in the kitchen he returned to the garage to watch me with the boil. 

It turns out no one in their family had ever experienced a seafood boil. So now the pressure is higher to ensure all tastes good. Or maybe the advantageous for me as it’s okay if it doesn’t quite taste right. How would they know, right?

The last ingredient was added about 30 minutes after they arrived. Then the most important part of the cooking process was the much needed soaking time.  

I had planned to test taste after 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes of soaking. The longer the seafood soaks in the boil mix, the more spicy the food gets. 

It turned out my seafood boil was not as spicy as the atmosphere was in the house. Apparently after my final pull, about 30 minutes, I walked into the kitchen where some heated, or should I say passionate, conversations were exchanged between my special lady friend and her mom and dad. Her oldest son and her twins were also involved towards the end. I was interesting to say the least. 

Now maybe they stopped because they noticed I had walked up to the table where they sat. Or maybe there were a silent signal to turn down the heated debates. Whatever it was, the heated talks died down as suddenly similarly to when I cut the propane off on my seafood boil. Just like the soaking process I’m sure the spice would show itself somewhere else. 

I found a place at the table and began eating with them. I asked, “So what do you all think?”  

Her dad was the first to respond. It’s great and reminds me when I was younger when we had Sunday family dinners.” That was unexpected and nice to hear. The rest of the family joined in and also said it was good.

As usual I was the last to finish eating. Not only because I joined last but it’s also because I took my time to relish the flavor and made mental notes of what to change for the next test run. Her father continued to graze which showed he truly loved it. They hardly touched the ham or my lady friend’s homemade macaroni and cheese. 

When I finished eating, I did what I typically have done… I began washing dishes. My special lady friend was outside hiding Easter eggs for her kids, her mom were inside talking with her kids and her dad continued to graze on the remnants of the seafood boil – I guess he really liked it. 

I continued cleaning up our mess when my special lady friend came in and announced the Easter egg hunt was ready. Their tradition was different than mine as each of her children had assigned colors, which again was odd to me. In my younger years, my siblings and I just hunted the eggs then shared our bounty with each other. There was no sharing in the tradition I was observing.  

There was yelling and at one moment the oldest son came back in and pouted. Again, a little different. Okay it’s a lot different. 

Jumping to the end of the family togetherness, it turned out the kids were spending a night at their grandparents. However before leaving, her younger son gave me a hug. Her mom also gave me a hug and told me, “Thank you for cooking for us. You’re a good cook!” She then looked over to her daughter and said, “He’s a keeper!” 

We all laughed…

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5th Week: Saturday (concert or Netflix & chill)

After our supper club, we sat in the parking lot for some time discussing whether to go to my coworker’s gig or to go do something local. 

We decided to stay local…

At some point in a relationship there comes a time when a couple takes that emotional step together and moves beyond the “special friend” state and into the “boyfriend / girlfriend” state. 

At the supper club, the party at our table thought my special lady friend and me were a couple that had been together for years. In fact the mother and and daughter team who sat acrossed from us were shocked to learn we had only known each other since middle of January. They were not the first people to make this comment or perception. 

In fact people had made that leap on several occasions. Our second date at the Portland wine and seafood, my friend’s celebration party, our date at the local SIP (another wine and seafood event), and tonight’s supper club. 

I could feel the transition happen and I’m comfortable with it. Although it seems fast if you look in the rear view mirror, it feels right to move to that next phase of our relationship. 

To finish out our date we drove around he neighborhood along her running path. I was impressed as her route had some steep inclines. She navigated me to a park along a dimly lit street and asked me to pull over and kill the engine. 

 She climbed over and sat in my lap. I slowly reclined my seat…

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5th Week: Saturday (supper club)

The next day after our hike and soaking pool experience, my special lady friend and I had planned for a supper club experience in her local town. 

Just to describe a supper club…

Once a month this local restaurant puts on a social event for limited guests that sign up to partake in a unique dining experience. The menu is set so there are no substitutions. You get what is on the menu. You also are given the option of buying the meal only or opt for the wine pairing. 

As an aside, if I were to venture into the restaurant business, this is the type of dining experience I would create…

As what we’ve done in one of our previous dates, we selected the wine pairing option. 

Because it’s a first come first served basis, there is limited seating and the folks that put this supper together also puts their guests at various tables. We were assigned to a table that sat eight. We immediately liked the mother and daughter team who sat acrossed from us as they were there to enjoy the food. The two husband and wife team on the end opposite us were the “wine snobs” of our table.

Now we both enjoy wine with our meals and enjoy how wines enhance the flavor of the food and how it also livens up the dining experience but neither of us can tell you about the bouquet of the wine or the hints of flavor that bring out the blah blah of the acidity or what have you with the food the wine was paired with. 

Now I’m sure there are a few folks in this small world of ours that have that distinct pallet that can decipher the unique flavors in wine, but the wine snobs at our table were not those folks. No offense to the true wine connoisseurs and Somalias…

The first course was beet soup infused with uni butter and topped with shrimp scampi and micro greens. This was paired with a 2011 Ancient Cellars Pinot Gris from Oregon.  

We ignored the wine snob comments coming from the other end of the table. We thought the soup was incredible and the pairing was appropriate. 

The next course was the Farro Arancini that had fromage blanc, foraged mushrooms, and rapini greens. This was paired with a 2011 Eisold Smith Viani Barbara from Oregon.  

We thought the food was tasty but didn’t care for the wine pairing. Again we ignored the wine snobs as they were raving about it blended well with the food. I think they were already tipsy before dinner started. 

The main entrees were the braised rabbit served with nettles, green garlic, gnocchi alla romana, and hazelnuts. This was paired with a 2011 Barnett Vineyards Chardonnay from California.  

We thought the wine served with the last course would have gone better with the rabbit and the Chardonnay served with this course should have been paired with the previous. But what do we know. Again we ignored the snooty ramblings of the wine snobs. 

The last course was an olive oil cake served with berry, creme fraiche, and smoked sea salt. This desert was paired with a 2012 Eisold Smith Pinot Noir from Oregon. After our first bite we both thought the Pinot Noir was not a good fit and the wine needed to be of the more sweeter variety.  

Again what do we know. The snobs on the other end of the table thought it was delicately balanced with the smoky flavor of the sea salt. Huh?? Did they taste the same food!!

Other than our up turned attitudes and famous name droppers of some of our table guests, the dining experience was great. The mother and daughter team that sat across from us were delightful. Some of the wine pairings were questionable but again what do we know…

Unlike the prior dates, we were one of the first ones to leave the building, but we did sit in the car in the parking lot until everyone else left. 

So technically, as usual, we closed the place down…

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5th Week: Friday (I have to shower where)

In our planning, we discussed we were going to soak and then go grab a bite to eat. We had also talked about showering after the soaking but before our dinner. So I packed my shower necessities. 

Since we had an hour before our turn in the soaking pool, we decided to grab a quick bite and a beer in one of their restaurants. 

A side note…

McMenamins are known for taking old buildings and properties and repurposing them for entertainment. Some of their properties include activities such as a par 3 golf course, concert stages, movie theaters, and bowling alleys just to name a few. In all their establishments, they have at least one themed restaurant. On this particular property there were at least three restaurants. 

We selected one that had a tropical island theme and Bob Marley music playing in the background. We selected this one mainly because there were no signage reading: No Minors Allowed. 

 We were able to enjoy some Cajun tots and beer before our buzzer sounded indicating our spots for the soaking pool were available. We checked in, changed into our swim suits and entered into the gateway to the soaking pool. 

It still hadn’t dawned on me that I would be barefoot until I entered the door that led to the locker room to store our belongings. As I removed my shoes and socks, I immediately cringed as my bare feet touched the wet slimy concrete floor that I’m sure had millions upon millions of tiny germs awaiting to pounce on my new bare flesh. “Yuck!” Screamed my inner voice. “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!”

Another side bar…

Mentally and subconsciously when I’m barefooted, my toes curl up so that only the soles of my feet touch the floor surface.  

I guess my thinking is germs would have a harder time getting through the soles of my feet. I’ll go with that thought, but I don’t really know…

Back to the story…

Having not been to a soaking pool before, the next thought of stepping in a heated saline and chlorine water mix with at least half a dozen of other folks sent more icky feelings through me. But I bared it just to say I did it once. 

The water wasn’t bad. After awhile it was soothing but at first I had to convince myself the heated water would kill off any germs. Yeah right! But at least that’s what I told myself to keep my composure.  

Now my special lady friend must have noticed my reaction as she asked me several times if I were okay. I tried to put on a poker face and lied, “Yeah I’m fine.” My friends who know me well would say, “You did what?!!”

After our skins on our hands were wrinkled from soaking in the heated saline water, we decided it was time to leave and go to dinner. Although I had packed my shower supplies, I didn’t think about the actual shower experience until I saw the shower facilities. “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!” my mind screamed again. 

The shower facilities in the men’s room consisted of a couple of shower stalls. The floor had those white mini tiles and dark grout. I’m thinking the grout was dark colored and not because of grime or mildew. One of the shower stalls was much larger and looked to accommodate multiple bodies. Each stall was enclosed with plastic non-transparent shower curtains. I selected the smaller shower stall. 

 Again I had to remove my shoes and expose my bare skin on the tiled shower floor. With my toes curled upwards and as fast as I could, I showered off the chlorine and saline water mix and got dressed. I could still smell both solutions on my skin but at least my feet were safely covered and protected from the germ infested floor. 

Mental note: The next time, I’ll bring my water shoes… 

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5th Week: Friday (soaking pool)

After our hike at Angels Rest, the plan was to relax in the soaking pool at the McMenamins Kennedy School. For those who have followed and read my prior posts, you’ll recollect I’m a bit of a clean freak. 

Not only do I have an issue of always having my house cleaned and at a presentable state, I also have an issue sitting, or in this case soaking, in a pool with a bunch of other strangers. But I’ll try it out just to experience it once. 

Some background to the reason for going to the soaking pool in the first place…

My special lady friend’s 14 year old daughter had, on many failed attempts, tried to get her mother to get her to the soaking pool before the cutoff time for under 18 years old. The soaking pool is open to the general public until 6pm.  

Afterwards it becomes an 18 year old and over crowd. In previous attempts, they started out on the plan to get the soaking pool, but something always had prevented them from getting there in time for her daughter to actually experience it. 

Our aim was to obtain that goal…but after our hike of course. 

We started our hike at Angels Rest about 1PM. I had estimated it would take us a couple of hours as the total distance up and back were only 4.2 miles. Unfortunately I didn’t account for the slowness of the ascent to the top. Now I’m used to hiking with steep elevation gains, but my special lady friend was not. 

Semi spoiler alert…

So instead of the two hours I anticipated, it took us a little more than three hours, which was cutting into the travel time for getting her daughter to the soaking pool before minors were excluded. 

After having reached the top of Angels Rest and having awed at in the incredible views for a few minutes,  

we descended and reached the car around 4:15pm. We pulled onto the freeway by 4:30pm. My trusted map ap told us we would arrive there at about 5:15, which gave her daughter 45 minutes of soaking time. Her daughter sadly uttered, “See we’re not going to get there in time again.” I reassured her, “We’re going to get you there even if it means you are only able to soak for a few minutes!”

Because she was disappointed many times in the past, she probably thought to herself “yeah right” but she replied, “Well that’s better than our prior attempts.”

What none of us realized was it was Friday afternoon and we were approaching the rush hour traffic. We were all in bewilderment when we came across a traffic snarl.  

Luckily my map ap also identified the rush hour traffic and directed us off the highway and routed us through an alternate route. 

Technology does have its limitations and eventually we were caught behind a long traffic line. By this time it was 5pm. My map ap recalculated our arrival time at 5:35pm. Her daughter looked more disappointed. I encouraged her, “Stay with me! We’re going to get there so you can experience it today!”

I opened my other map ap called Waze I had used in the past to find alternate routes that had less traffic. I absolutely love this ap as we were in the parking lot of our destination at 5:17pm. We all bolted from her vehicle and made our way to the counter where patrons reserved their spot for the soaking pool. 

I guess a lot of families also had the same idea to take their children to the soaking pool as we discovered there were many families ahead of us already on the waiting list. Apparently they only allow a limited number of people in at a time. The next available slot was after 6pm, which was the anti-minor time. The man attending to us asked, “Is everyone 18 and older?” to which my special lady friend said, “My daughter is not.” 

Now all three of us must have had a sad look on our faces. After a brief silent moment he said, “I’ll let you guys in this time, but next time please try to get here sooner.” We profusely thanked him.  

 I looked at her daughter and she had a smile that stretched across her face. I jokingly said to her, “I am your lucky charm!”…

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5th Week: Monday (missing you coffee)

It was spring break week I didn’t expect work to be its typical crazy busyness with the majority of the business folks out of the office. So other than the routine reports that had to be generated and distributed my work load was lighter than usual for a Monday. 

I was missing my lady since the past weekend was her girls weekend and therefore we didn’t spend time together as we’ve done on prior weekends. Although she were on her girls weekend at the coast she still made time to text me throughout each day. I guess that meant she missed me too. 

During lunch I received an unexpected text from her that she was back in town and wanted to know if I had time for coffee. I texted back and said, “I do after 2pm, but will need to return by 4pm for a meeting.” She replied, “Great! I’m dropping off one of the ladies and will head your way.” 

Since I don’t typically go to a coffee house that was not a chain, I asked Lois if she knew of a good local quaint coffee house to take her.  

Lois excitedly said, “Take her to the that coffee place on Murray.” The place was not too far away. I had heard of the place and even drove by the coffee house several times but I had never stopped in myself. 

Lois continued with her recommendation, “You should have the Mayan mocha with the whipped chocolate. This coffee house makes their own whipped chocolate and it’s a little spicy but it’s the best I’ve had.” 

So the venue and beverage were settled…

Shelly picked me up and I navigated her to our coffee break location. We both ordered Lois’s recommended beverage and settled into a quaint table near the rear of the coffee house. 

 One would think two hours is a long time and would have some silent moments, but not us. 

Instead we both felt the two hours went by quickly and before we knew, it was time for me to return to the office. Our dates have averaged in excess of five hours. But it’s not like the unbearable long date with someone. Time appeared to pass quickly when we’re together. 

We thanked the owner and she drove me back to my office. I typically don’t kiss publicly especially in a car in front of my work place, but we did. We kissed each other passionately like a couple that had been together a while but were still crazy for each other. I told her I had to go and stole one more kiss before exiting her vehicle. I watched as she drove off. 

I really like spending time with my lady friend…

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4th Week: Seafood boil (1st test run of old recipe)

Friday night was back to my normal pre dating life of take out, moving watching while doing laundry and cleaning. Yes you’re right in thinking “WTF man! Go out and have fun!” 

So let me lay out my past decade or so…

I moved to the PacificNorthwest as a married man and was a consultant which required me to travel during the week. Weekends were down time and relaxing at home with my wife at the time, or we would, on occasion, hang out with our married friends. So one, I have no single male or women friends for hanging out purposes. 

Two, I’m not into the bar or strip club scene like some men are. I could take full advantage of the buffet of men’s clubs as apparently Portland is one of the nations leaders in the number of men’s club for a city of its size. But again not my scene. 

I could fly solo and sit at a bar and watch a ballgame. But again I’m not into the bar scene and I could watch a ballgame at home. 

 And three, well I don’t have a number three. So yes I chose to stay home for Friday night…

Earlier in the day, it was turning out we could possibly squeeze in a couple of hours of together time but that too was squashed. We did however  exchange texts throughout the day as that has now become part of our daily form of communication. 

Since it was her girls’ weekend, I had already planned to do a test run of an old recipe on Saturday for my upcoming party in April. The last time I made this recipe was back when I lived in Texas with my first wife. Hmm it just dawned on me that I last made this recipe about a month before my first wife’s passing, which would be about 25 years ago. 

I wondered, “Could I even find all the ingredients?”  After shopping at five stores, it turned out I had to improvise as some of the ingredients were not available in the local supermarkets or at least not the ones I shopped. Also I’m glad I tested out the recipe as the ratio of ingredients and flavor needed to be adjusted.  

Overall it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but definitely it’s not up to my standards.

So definitely, second and third test runs will be required before the big party…

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4th Week: Friday (to sleep over or not)

So the weekend had been scheduled to be her annual girls’ weekend at the beach. This weekend were also her kids free zone. To take full advantage of the no kids zone, we had planned for our next sleep over for Friday night. 

 But we had to play it by ear on which one of our houses the sleep over were to occur as there were a couple of factors that had to play out first. Although the coming weekend were her ex husband’s weekend with her kids, if her oldest were working, he would be at her house.

On Friday, her daughter had another tennis game. So when her daughter’s game were over she would drop her twins to their father’s house. 

In our minds, we thought she would pack her stuff for her trip, drop her kids off, drive to my place and spend the night. She would then leave on Saturday to the coast from my house. 

It would have been a great plan, but…

As the weekend approached, we learned her girl gang were departing from her town and she became the chauffeur for one of the vehicles in their caravan. 

 As we’ve learned from our past outings, the best laid plans would most always have some wrinkle that causes some deviation. So in order to have more time together, we decided on plan B which called for me to spend the night at her house. Yep I had to mentally prepare my mind to deal with the clutter. But still worth it as we get our time together. 

The plan continued to spiral and it turned out her oldest son had to work the weekend and would not join his siblings at his father’s house. This means that she would be back to spending the night at my house on Friday then driving back to her town on Saturday morning. 

Well not so fast…

It also turned out that her oldest son wanted to go with her to drop his siblings at his father’s house. It gave her the opportunity to hang out with him and spend quality time together. 

 Yep that means no sleep over this Friday  and more than that, no time with her at all…

I fully get it. When I was a single parent, my kids were #1 priority. Everything else was second and third places, which included me time. Wait what’s me time when you’re a single parent and no love interest – rest and quiet. 

So if we decide to keep building this relationship, I would have to consider the fact that planning for outings would be subjected to possible complete wipe outs as her children are and should be her first priority. Unlike me where my children are adults, her children were still in high school. Her twins are freshmen and her oldest is a junior, which means a minimum of three more years before there would be a more consistent schedule. 

For now, I think she’s worth the effort, and yes to clarify every relationship requires effort. That goes for a business as well as personal. Something my (soon to be) ex wife failed to realize. More about that later.

 For now, my weekend has just opened up and I’ll come up with plan C…

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4th Week: St. Patrick’s Day (burgers and beer)

Per our prior conversations in planning tonight’s dinner with her kids, nothing was working in our favor to accomplish those predetermined plans. 

Her daughter’s tennis game lasted longer than planned and her daughter made other plans to hang with her friends afterwards. Her oldest son also made other plans with his buddies. That left her younger son. 

 After dropping off her daughter, we met back at her house. 

Apparently she and her younger son had a conversation via phone while she was dropping off her daughter to which her younger son decided he was not going to dinner with us. 

It was still early when we met back up at her house (around 7:30pm). So we decided we would go to a roadhouse type restaurant in her town where burgers and homemade fries were their main food items. Prior to is leaving for the restaurant, she asked her younger son again, “Do you want to join us?” To which he replied as a teenager would, “Since it’s just the three of us that would be awkward, Mom!” 

She told him where we were dining and we left for dinner. I was a little concerned we were leaving her youngest home.She said reassuringly,  “He’s fine. He’s just upset with his brother and sister on bailing tonight. He thought it would be strange for only the three of us to go out.” 

“Oh, okay,” I replied. “Another time then.”  So at least his younger boy seemed to want to hang out with us but not as a solo party. 

It only took a few minutes to get to the restaurant. The place had a rugged decor and reminded me of some of the BBQ houses in Texas. The only thing different were the missing antique porcelain signs on the wall. After perusing the menu,we  each ordered a burger and fries plate. 

Typical of the PacificNorthwest, this restaurant was also a microbrewery where they only sold what they brewed. It would be a sin to not try out their brews. The waitress asked, “Would you like to try a sampling of each?” 

“What a silly question!” I thought. With enthusiasm I replied, “That would be great!” She brought out a sampling of their brews. After tasting each, she selected a double red variety and I selected one of there medium dark beers. 

 Again we had a great time talking and getting to know each other more. And just like our typical fashion, we were again the last couple to leave the restaurant, which was about 10pm. 

During our discussion, I conveyed, “We shouldn’t push your kids to do things with us but we should let them organically accept us and join us in our outings when they were ready.” She smiled and responded, “Funny, I was thinking just the same thing.”

The drive back to her house wasn’t far so it didn’t take long before we were parked in her driveway and I was walking her to her door. We exchanged hugs and kisses then said our good nights. 

I thought about her a lot while driving home…

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4th Week: St. Patrick’s Day (surprise my parents are here)

I remember when my boys were younger and I was a raising them as a single parent. I contemplated getting back into the dating scene several times before I actually jumped in. I played out scenarios in my head of when and how the person I would be dating get introduced to my kids and I would imagine how my kids would interact with a new person. 

With my current budding relationship, I’m placed on the receiving end and need to think the opposite of when and how I would interact with her kids. Although her kids are older, they’re still children and I’m sure they still have residual wishes that they’re parents would get reunited. Although their father has remarried, I’m sure those wishes remained in the back of their consciousness.  

Earlier in the week we had planned for me to join her and her kids for dinner. We picked Thursday night – Saint Patrick’s Day. Per our plan, we would all eat at their home or go out for dinner after her daughter’s tennis game. 

I left work at 4:30pm and texted her I was on my way. She texted back that she was at her daughter’s tennis match and to meet her there. I arrived about an hour later and I texted her that I was at the tennis park. 

She greeted me at my car with a hug and kiss. In between her kisses she informed, “Joy was still waiting to play her match.” 

“Oh the good old days.” I thought to myself reminiscing about my high school days where I was also on the tennis courts after school and on weekends. 

As we were walking back to where she had parked, she mentioned her parents were parked behind her and were waiting to watch their granddaughter play. Unlike Shelly, my response rate to unexpected news is immediate. No delayed reaction on my part. 

Up until her announcement that I was about to meet her parents, we were walking our normal casual stride. But as soon as she mentioned her parents were here and the closer we approached their car, I slowed my pace and she noticed. 

 She turned to me with a smile and asked, “Are you nervous?” I said sheepishly, “I didn’t expect to meet your parents tonight! So yes, I am a bit nervous!”

We stopped on the sidewalk by her parents’ car and waved to them. They climbed out of their car and joined us on the sidewalk. We exchanged our “nice to meet you” pleasantries then chatted for awhile about their granddaughter’s upcoming match.  They seemed pleasant but I could definitely feel her father had some reservations. Although her father is in his 70s and his daughter is in her early 50s, she’ll  always be daddy’s little girl and would look at the man she’s dating with skepticism. 

Her mom was pleasant and wasn’t as reserved as she looked me in the eye as we were talking. We chatted a little longer until their granddaughter was ready to play. The sun was setting and the coolness of the night was quickly bringing a chill to the air around us. I excused myself to grab another layer of clothing out of my car. 

 I rejoined Shelly on the bleachers and we wrapped ourselves in her blanket.

Just sitting on the cold bleachers wrapped in a blanket took me back again to my high school days. This time it was at the moment where I’d sit watching one of our football games with my high school sweetheart. It’s funny how memories from your life that were buried deep inside resurfaces unexpectedly as you live similar moments in your current life. 

As I sat huddled under that blanket with Shelly, my feelings for her were growing the same as what I had felt back in high school. 

Could it be? Was I that lucky….

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