6th Week: Sunday (prep for 2nd test run) 

The first test run for my pre summer seafood boil was just okay and was limited to myself. For the second test run I decided to have a larger gathering for my taste judges.  

I had also tweaked my recipe to add some additional spices and remove ingredients that took away from the overall taste. I’ll reveal my ingredient list in a future post once I get the taste and process dialed in. 

For this second test run, I would be feeding seven folks including myself. So I also adjusted the amount of ingredients as well. Another thing I would gain from this test run would be the adjustment needed on the cooking time between each layer when using a larger pot. As with my first test run I used a 20 quart pot and cooked my gas stove. For this round, I bought a new 40 gallon boiling pot with lid, an outside burner, a propane tank, and a propane tank holder. One other item I added was a basket that fits into the 40 gallon and would help in pulling out the boiled food. 

 Let’s step backwards to the previous day briefly…

I called the market where I had planned to buy the seafood just to be sure they would be open on Easter Sunday. The lady on the phone confirmed they would be open their normal Sunday hours. In fact, all the grocery stores were scheduled to be open. 

Allow me to digress a little more…

My absolute favorite time to shop at the grocery stores is in early Sunday morning. The main reason for this time slot was there were hardly anyone in the store. I like to take my time when grocery shopping and not have to maneuver around abandoned and/or parked carts littered in the aisles with no apparent shopper associated with those carts. 

Off my ranting and back to the meal preparation…

On Sunday morning, I purchased the seafood, the boil seasonings, the other ingredients and was completed by middle of the morning. I packed my car and texted my special lady friend that I was on the way. 

I arrived a few minutes after 12 noon. We had some time to kill as the dinner wasn’t to start until 3:30. While we waited, I helped her clean her house for her parents arrival. We started in on the cleaning of her deck when it began to rain. 

Wait did I just get sucked into doing a “honey do list”…

#singleasianmale #buddingromance #relationship #life


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